Zhang Jun: adhere to multilateralism, strengthen international cooperation, work together to deal with the threat of organized crime

Zhang Jun said that at present, it has become a serious threat to international peace and security by merging and infiltrating with organized crime. The international community should strengthen cooperation at all levels, exchange intelligence and information, share successful experiences, take practical actions, effectively crack down on organized crime, and jointly maintain international peace and security. Anti terrorism should follow the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, respect the central coordinating role of the UN, and adhere to unified standards. Anti terrorism actions must respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the countries concerned. Zhang Jun pointed out that international and regional cooperation and coordination should be strengthened to form a joint force to effectively crack down on and organized crime. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and epidemic situation are important for the development of multilateralism and international cooperation. The international community should actively support regional and sub regional organizations in playing an important role. China supports the United Nations counter terrorism office, the counter terrorism Executive Bureau of the Security Council, the drug crimes office, the International Criminal Police Organization and other relevant agencies to strengthen coordination with regional organizations, carry out their work according to their respective authorization and give full play to their professional advantages. Zhang stressed that Member States should further support their domestic actions and strengthen capacity-building to meet the outstanding challenges of organized crime. The international community should, in accordance with the security situation and historical and cultural characteristics of different regions, effectively help member states, especially developing countries, strengthen the law enforcement capabilities of border defense, customs, anti drug and judicial departments. Zhang Jun said that in the face of threats, we must maintain unity. There is no distinction between good and bad. We must oppose double standards and politicization. China has always been on the side of multilateralism and international justice. China firmly implements all relevant UN anti-terrorism resolutions and actively participates in global and regional anti-terrorism cooperation. As a state party to the United Nations Convention against transnational organized crime, China has actively fulfilled its obligations under the Convention through legislative, law enforcement and judicial measures. We will continue to carry out bilateral and multilateral exchanges and capacity-building cooperation with the international community, especially developing countries, including African countries, on counter-terrorism and the fight against transnational organized crime, continue to provide political and financial support to the UN’s anti-terrorism cause, and jointly maintain international peace and stability.