Zhang Boli: fight against epidemic situation with “China plan”

on novel coronavirus pneumonia, the hero of the people’s heroes, 9, the national front of the people’s heroes, Zhang Boli smiles back from Wuhan. “I went to the Wuhan Chinese medicine hospital. They wrote a big banner to welcome Zhang Boli home. I felt very friendly, like a feeling of going home.” Zhang Boli, winner of the national honorary title of “people’s hero”, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine, applied the “China Program” to the fight against the epidemic situation through the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. < / P > < p > this “people’s hero” who can fight and win when he is called is always the patient. He said he would go to Wuhan every two months because there were patients who were recovering and hoped that they would be cured completely and return to normal life. When the state is in danger, doctors are soldiers. Better bear ourselves than the people! ” His clash pledge novel coronavirus pneumonia was renewed after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. On January 27, the third day of the lunar new year, Zhang Boli, who was directing the epidemic prevention and control work in Tianjin, was ordered to fly to Wuhan to join the forefront of the anti epidemic work as a member of the expert group of the central epidemic prevention and control group. However, under the overload work in Wuhan, Zhang Boli developed cholecystitis and underwent minimally invasive cholecystectomy on February 19. He joked, “this time, I left the courage in Wuhan, and more with the people of Wuhan.” < / P > < p > he was asked why he did not withdraw from the front line? “The front line work in Wuhan still needs me, and it is impossible to withdraw. I’m going to treat people. It’s not worth saying that I’m out of the chain when I get sick. But what if you are ill? It’s a matter of course that we should have surgery and continue to fight on the front line. ” Zhang Boli said. In this year’s “first class” for primary and secondary school students across the country, Zhang Boli said affectionately: “the gallbladder is called” gallbladder Fu “in traditional Chinese medicine. He who is bold is the official of the middle and upright. The courage is gone, but the courage to make a decision is indispensable. ” < p > < p > after thorough understanding of the situation, Zhang Boli and the expert group believe that it is necessary to quickly take measures to manage and isolate the suspected, febrile, closely contacted and diagnosed four categories of people. We should also adopt the method of “traditional Chinese medicine flooding”, so that patients generally take the traditional Chinese medicine decoction for treating damp toxin epidemic. In Zhang Boli’s opinion, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, we can observe the characteristics and rules of the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine, and better guide the treatment. On February 12, he led more than 350 medical staff from Tianjin, Jiangsu, Hunan, Shaanxi, Henan and other places to form a Chinese medicine medical team and enter Wuhan Jiangxia fangcang hospital. < / P > < p > look at the tongue and feel the pulse Zhang Boli guided the clinical consultation during the day and held a meeting in the evening to study the treatment plan. In addition, how to set up a bed, how much bed space to stay, air circulation problems, patients’ meals He has to investigate and inquire in person. Many doctors advised Zhang Boli to have a good rest. “The old man works so hard that he sleeps for an hour or two every day.” But he’s still going his own way.

novel coronavirus pneumonia is promoted by the “no bravery hero”. More than 12000 patients have been treated in 16 shelter hospitals in Wuhan. Each shelter hospital is equipped with experts of traditional Chinese medicine to distribute Chinese medicine prescriptions synchronously, and the utilization rate of traditional Chinese medicine reaches 90%. < p > < p > as of March 10, the 564 patients admitted to Jiangxia fangcang hospital had not turned into severe cases and none of them had recovered. On March 19, new confirmed cases, new suspected cases and existing suspected cases in Wuhan returned to zero for the first time. This day also coincided with Zhang Boli’s 72nd birthday. “Wuhan zero is the best congratulations to me.”. In novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control,

is integrated with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and Chinese medicine practitioners are innovating and passing on the essence, and handed out a beautiful answer. During the epidemic period, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine exchanged Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment programs, effective prescriptions and clinical experience with dozens of countries and regions including Italy, Germany and Japan. Up to now, Lianhua Qingwen capsule has been listed in Canada, Indonesia, Brazil and other countries and regions. Zhang Boli also shared China’s anti epidemic experience in dozens of overseas connections. In September this year, Zhang Boli was awarded the national honorary title of “people’s hero”. In the face of honor, he filled in a poem called “heroes of the people”, in which he wrote: “a hundred thousand white armour, the battle of” epidemic “in March. Jiangcheng is a hero in life and death, and only Yan Khan is a few heroes. ” Today, Zhang Boli will visit the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine. Dressed in a white coat, he walked briskly as usual and walked into the clinic with a smile on his face. “We should treasure the honor, turn it into a spirit and strength, and work harder.”