Yunnan veterans care foundation established

Kunming December 1612 14, Yunnan veterans care foundation was established in Kunming. The foundation, initiated by the provincial Veterans Service Center and registered with the Provincial Department of civil affairs, is a social charity organization in charge of the Yunnan Veterans Affairs Department, which is dedicated to the care of veterans and a beneficial supplement to the government’s assistance. < / P > < p > according to the person in charge of the Department of Veterans Affairs of Yunnan Province, the main task of the foundation is to mobilize and gather resources from all aspects of society, gather social forces to pay attention to veterans, and focus on providing temporary and emergency assistance to veterans who are still living in difficulties after enjoying the inclusive assistance policy. The establishment of the foundation has opened a new mode for social forces from all walks of life in Yunnan to care about and support the work of ex servicemen, marking that the work of ex servicemen Service Security in Yunnan Province has entered a new stage.