Yunnan invests 10 billion yuan more to support medical and health undertakings

Recently, the Department of finance of Yunnan Province issued the implementation opinions on supporting the high quality development of health services. It is reported that the province has invested more than 10 billion yuan to support the implementation of the three-year action plan for the development of medical and health undertakings, adhere to the principle of “supporting the excellent and training the strong” and “making up for the weaknesses”, promote the optimization and integration of medical and health resources, build the public health security system of the province, and comprehensively improve the core competence of major infectious disease treatment and disease control institutions. < p > < p > the “implementation opinions” clearly states that we should concentrate our financial resources to continuously build 30 advantageous clinical medical centers, allocate 10 million yuan for the capacity construction of each clinical medical center every year, drive the development of related disciplines in three state-level medical institutions, and give 100 million yuan of incentive subsidies to the top three specialties in Southwest China. < p > < p > according to the opinions, 129 counties should all meet the national health county standards by 2021. For the counties with obvious results and demonstration effect, the provincial finance will give awards and subsidies according to the standard of 50 million yuan for each county. The states that completed 26 health indicators were given assessment awards. We will support the implementation of the action plan for improving the quality of medical and health institutions at the county level. We will award 5 million yuan to public hospitals at the county level, 3 million yuan to TCM hospitals at the county level, and 2 million yuan to MCH hospitals at the county level. We will support county-level public hospitals to create five centers for chest pain, trauma, stroke, maternal care, and neonatal care, and award 1 million yuan to each center that has passed the evaluation.