Yudong village has a “poverty alleviation expert” workstation

“Our village’s sugar orange peak production period is around the Spring Festival, which is at the double peak of production and price.” Wang Jianhua, village branch secretary of Yudong village, said that under the guidance of the “poverty alleviation experts” workstation, Yudong village has turned from a traditional land of fish and rice to a national famous sugar orange production base. < / P > < p > in 2016, shortly after Guilin police district and Yudong village paired up to help, a “poverty alleviation expert” workstation composed of poverty alleviation team, village committee team, agricultural technology experts and large industrial households was established. < / P > < p > “the purpose of building a” poverty alleviation expert “workstation in Yudong village is to scientifically control the major events related to poverty alleviation and avoid wrong decisions.” Guilin police district political commissar Wang Zhi said. < / P > < p > in order to find a way out for development, the leaders of Guilin police district took the members of the “poverty alleviation experts” workstation of Yudong village all the way south to visit large growers and rush to the business market. The sugar orange is suitable for the humid climate in northern Guangxi, and its high yield and good price are around the Spring Festival. Finally, after repeated research and demonstration, “poverty alleviation expert” workstation determined the idea of Yudong village relying on sugar orange to get rid of poverty. < / P > < p > at the end of 2017, Yudong village, the first big grower of sugar orange, made a lot of money at the purchase price of 6 yuan per catty. At present, Yudong village has a planting area of more than 4600 mu. In the past five years, the “poverty alleviation expert” workstation in Yudong village has done a lot of work to stabilize the output and increase the income of sugar orange. After the outbreak of Huanglong disease, agricultural experts were invited to the field to “treat the pulse”; for the convenience of transportation, many military and local departments were coordinated to invest in road construction and build a cargo transfer yard; famous academicians in the agricultural field were invited to pass on the classics and take various measures to build Yudong village into a “hometown of selenium rich sugar orange in China” < p > < p > in the past two years, with the drop of sugar orange price, the “poverty alleviation expert” workstation of Yudong village, under the guidance of Guilin police area, adjusted the work ideas in time, determined to develop Siraitia grosvenorii planting and implemented industrial transformation. At present, more than 40 mu of Siraitia grosvenorii has been planted in Yudong village. < / P > < p > “in addition to controlling the industry trend in the village, we also make decisions on other major issues related to poverty alleviation.” Li Ji, political commissar of the people’s Armed Forces Department of Yongfu County, said. < / P > < p > Yudong village head’s vacant primary school building is rented to a food factory for 2000 yuan per year. Because of the lack of teaching conditions, children from nearby villages can only go to school in the county. After investigating the situation of children’s education, the “poverty alleviation expert” workstation suggested that the school should be transformed into a kindergarten that can accommodate 300 children. On the 18th, Guilin Police District, Yongfu County Education Bureau and other departments came to Yudong village to solve the problem. The main leaders of the county Party committee made a decision on the spot: according to the current education policy, build a large kindergarten in Yudong village, which can radiate the nearby villages. From this year, with the help of the poverty alleviation team of Guilin Police District, the work station of “poverty alleviation experts” is resolving the historical problems in the village one by one Wang Jingkai in the village said.