Yuanwang 5 successfully completed three maritime TT & C missions

Yuanwang 5, which successfully completed three maritime TT & C missions in the Pacific Ocean on December 14, returned to the wharf of China Satellite maritime TT & C Department on the morning of December 14. It is understood that due to the adjustment of the launch mission time of a certain type of satellite, yuanwang-5 revised its sailing plan in time and returned ahead of time. This voyage lasted 82 days and sailed more than 18000 nautical miles safely. So far, yuanwang-5 has been operating at sea for more than 220 days this year, setting a new record. Its total voyage has reached more than 510000 nautical miles, equivalent to 23.7 circles around the earth. During the voyage, yuanwang-5 overcame the severe challenges of complex sea conditions, bad weather, time difference and span. Especially in the launch mission of chang’e-5, it cooperated with Yuanwang-6 to carry out maritime TT & C, which effectively ensured the key actions of rocket separation, secondary shutdown, and separation of spacecraft and rocket. It also implemented the initial orbit determination of the probe in the orbit section, which is the “chang’e-5” launch mission E-flight provides key TT & C support. < p > < p > it is understood that after docking at the wharf, Yuanwang No. 5 will coordinate and organize personnel rest, equipment maintenance, spare parts supplement and other work, so as to make preparations in advance for the next anchoring voyage in the near future.