Yemeni government forces killed 30 hussei fighters

Aden, Kuwait City, October 3: Yemeni government forces said on the 3rd that the government forces killed 30 hussei armed personnel in the central Yemeni province of malib. In an interview, a Yemeni government officer, who did not want to be named, said that at least 30 hussei armed personnel were killed by government forces and dozens were injured on both sides in the same day’s fierce exchange of fire between the government forces and the hussei armed forces in the silvah area in the west of malib Province. < p > < p > Yemeni information minister eliani said on social media that day that the government forces recovered several key areas from the husai armed forces in the sirvah area on the same day. Since March this year, the armed forces of husai have intensified their military operations in the oil-rich Malibu province and launched attacks on several government garrisons in the western region of the province. < p > < p > in September 2014, the Yemeni husai armed forces captured the capital Sana’a, and then occupied Southern Yemen. In March 2015, Saudi Arabia and other countries launched a military operation codenamed “decisive storm” against husai armed forces. In December 2018, under the good offices of the United Nations, the Yemeni government and the husai armed forces reached an agreement on the important issues of a cease-fire in hoaida and the exchange of prisoners of war. However, the two sides soon accused each other of breaking the cease-fire agreement.