Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai) smart Internet hospital opens remote online settlement of medical insurance

Shanghai, October 29, with the Yangtze River Delta smart Internet hospital recently opened the remote online settlement of medical insurance, the insured personnel in the Yangtze River Delta ecological green integration development demonstration area can use the Internet hospital to complete the follow-up medicine dispensing and online payment through the Internet hospital, so as to improve the medical experience and enhance the convenience of medical treatment. < p > < p > it is understood that the medical insurance departments of two districts and one county in the demonstration zone have made great efforts to promote the realization of “five things” in the medical insurance of the demonstration area, including the regional medical treatment exemption record, one-stop service handling service, settlement of chronic diseases and special diseases, online payment of medical insurance online, and coordination of remote audit. < / P > < p > take the settlement link of chronic diseases and special diseases as an example, the remote settlement networking of special diseases in the demonstration area is successful. For example, the patients with severe hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis in the uremia outpatient clinics in qingjiawu can go to any qualified medical institution in the demonstration area to facilitate the nearby medical treatment, reduce the waiting time of patients, and realize the convenient sharing of medical resources. In addition, the remote settlement of chronic diseases including hypertension and diabetes in Qingpu District and Wujiang district has also been realized, which has enhanced the outpatient medical security capacity of the demonstration area, and made it more convenient for patients with chronic diseases and serious diseases to go to other places for settlement.