Xinhua International Review: Tan Desai praises the deep meaning of anti epidemic in Rwanda

novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 20 million cases. The grim facts warn people that the epidemic is still raging and that prevention and control need to be speeded up. In this context, Rwanda, an East African country, has effectively curbed the epidemic, which has been praised by the director general of the World Health Organization, Mr. Tan Desai. < / P > < p > the strong leadership of the government has provided an important guarantee for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Rwanda. On March 14, Rwanda reported the first confirmed case of new crown disease, and then President Kagame of Rwanda made a speech, calling on the public to raise awareness of protection. A week later, Rwanda announced strict “closure” measures, including closing borders, requiring people to stay at home, banning cross regional travel, etc., becoming one of the first countries in Africa to declare “closure”. The government has also set up a national task force led by the prime minister and a national command center composed of more than 400 professionals in various fields. < / P > < p > respecting science and strict prevention and control is the key to effectively curb the spread of the virus in Rwanda. Rwanda has strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control and treatment measures recommended by who, and established a national epidemic prevention and control system, including the implementation of new crown detection, tracking and isolation, the implementation of measures such as maintaining social distance, frequently washing hands and wearing masks, large-scale detection in specific places, and compulsory detection of passengers arriving on international flights. From the state to the community, Rwanda has developed clear guidelines and stepped up advocacy through the media. The government also worked covid-19 with religious leaders to introduce new prevention and control measures in religious activities. Covid-19,

has increased financial input in the special period, which has effectively guaranteed the effectiveness of the new crown prevention and control. At the beginning of the epidemic, the government of Rwanda prepared a special budget of 73 million US dollars for epidemic prevention and control, which is used to establish testing laboratories, detect and treat patients, track and isolate close contacts. The detection capacity in Rwanda has increased from 300 to 400 samples per day to 4000 to 5000 samples per day. In addition to international flights, mandatory tests and treatment in Rwanda are free of charge. < / P > < p > the application of new technologies provides strong support for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Rwanda, and minimizes the impact of the epidemic on the economy and people’s livelihood. At the capital Kigali International Airport, a robot is walking around the arrival hall to detect the temperature of passengers. During the national “ban” period, the Rwandese police used drones to broadcast epidemic prevention regulations. Cars or motorcycles equipped with loudspeakers crossed the streets of Rwanda to broadcast epidemic prevention precautions. During the epidemic period, the continuous operation of e-commerce and the use of network video conference effectively reduced contact and maintained economic vitality. As the first country in Africa to build ewtp project with Alibaba, coffee and other special products from Rwanda are still sold to China during the epidemic period. < / P > < p > a hero can help three people. The international community, including China, has also provided strong anti epidemic support to Rwanda. Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, China covid-19 novel coronavirus pneumonia Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, 11 experts in the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, with video remote dialogue, exchanged experiences with Rwandan government officials, many new head doctors and first-line doctors. The Chinese government, non-governmental organizations and enterprises have also donated a large number of urgently needed anti epidemic materials to Rwanda, such as masks, infrared thermometers, protective clothing and shoe covers. < / P > < p > at present, there are more than 1.05 million new crown confirmed cases in Africa, but there are still many countries with the total number of new crown confirmed cases less than 5000, and the window period to curb the epidemic still exists. Rcovid-19’s practice shows that if appropriate measures are taken, the African continent will still have a great chance to curb the spread of the new crown.