Xing Haiming, Chinese ambassador to South Korea: promising investment in China

China News Agency Incheon, August 14 China’s ambassador to South Korea Xing Haiming said on August 14 that China and South Korea have broad prospects for cooperation in the construction of free trade zones, emerging industries and other fields, and there is great potential for investment in China. < / P > < p > on the same day, Xing Haiming delivered a speech at the forum of business people in Incheon. The novel coronavirus pneumonia has caused the world economy to fall into the worst recession in decades, and confidence in the market has bottomed out, but data show that China’s economy is rebounding strongly, Xing Haiming said. In the second quarter of this year, China’s GDP grew by 3.2%. In July, China’s import and export of goods trade increased by 6.5% year-on-year, of which, export increased by 10.4% and import increased by 1.6%, continuing the good trend of “positive” growth of import and export in June. However, some countries are still obsessed with unilateralism, isolationism, and domestic prioritization, and set off a wave of trade protectionism and anti globalization. They are crazy to discredit and slander China, and “decouple” from China, trying to shirk and pass on the responsibility pressure of their own ineffective epidemic prevention. < / P > < p > “justice lies in the hearts of the people. It is clear who is calling for international anti epidemic and economic cooperation, and who is stirring up small circles to undermine the unity of the international community.” Xing Haiming said that in the context of the epidemic situation, it is the only way for China, South Korea and even the world economy to resume development to continue to adhere to multilateralism, promote globalization, and expand and deepen foreign trade and investment. < / P > < p > “investment in China is promising.” Xing Haiming said that China’s market openness continues to expand, its investment prospects are more optimistic, and its economic “magnetic field” is stronger, which has become an important booster for the development of global enterprises under the epidemic situation. Data show that in the first half of the year, 320 large foreign-funded projects with an investment of more than US $100 million were launched. < p > < p > as for the cooperation between China and South Korea, Xing Haiming believes that there are broad prospects for cooperation in the fields of free trade zone construction, “new infrastructure construction”, emerging industries and third-party markets.