Xichang Satellite Launch Center starts a new round of high density mission

Xichang, Oct. 12, China successfully launched Gaofen 13 satellite at Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the early morning of October 12. This is the first launch of the ground system equipment and facilities of Xichang launch site after centralized upgrading, and it is also the first battle of a new round of high-density missions of Xichang Satellite Launch Center this year. < / P > < p > “by the end of March next year, the center will also carry out 10 space launch missions such as chang’e-5, with an average launch time of half a month at Xichang launch site, with a minimum interval of 5 days. A number of national major projects have been carried out in Wenchang launch site of the center, two parallel, unprecedented density, and launch capacity approaching the limit. ” Zhang Xueyu, director of Xichang Satellite Launch Center, said. < p > < p > 0:57, the autumn wind is blowing in Daliang Mountain, and the rocket tail flame lights up the night sky. At this moment, towering green hills, milky white rockets, bright red national flag and dark blue overalls, together outline a magnificent take-off picture in the Western Sichuan Plateau. During the National Day mid autumn holiday, shangmeng, the platform operator of taqin team, and his colleagues have been fighting for their posts. They carefully inspected the operation box of each platform, each section of hydraulic pipeline, and each mechanical part to ensure the successful launch of the rocket. < / P > < p > “aerial work is the most dangerous, the management and maintenance equipment is the most complex, the interface involved is the most, the recovery work after shooting is the heaviest, and the high-density task conversion is the most urgent. In the past, such large-term conversion took at least half a month. Now the launch density is high, and we need to complete it in a week. ” Shang Meng said that behind the cycle compression, it is people who do not rest on holidays and work overtime at night. < / P > < p > in a tower upgrading project, the joint operation time was shortened from 3-4 days to 1 day. The key core components were localized through the transformation of temperature rising and lowering system in filling room and hydrogen fuel oxygen exhaust system. The construction of UPS battery online monitoring system was intelligent and unmanned In the face of space launch demand, Xichang launch site has vigorously strengthened quality control management and scientific and technological innovation, vigorously promoted the domestic independent control of core technologies, and laid a technical foundation for the implementation of subsequent high-density tasks. < / P > < p > “this is a strong motherland, where I grew up…” After the launch of the rocket, the launch site area, the hilltop point and the visiting platform all happened to ring out “my motherland” by scientific and technological personnel and visitors. This is a fine tradition of Central Ideological and political education. Inspired by the spirit of patriotism, since the beginning of this year, the center has been fighting against epidemic diseases and marching toward heaven, winning the first flight of Long March 5b, the closing launch of beidou-3 global network, and the tianwen-1 Mars probe. ” Dong Chongqing, Secretary of the Party committee of the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, said that in order to prepare for a new round of high-density launch missions, the scientific and technological workers of the center will continue to fight under pressure, continue to fight, stick to the operation, and actively prepare for the follow-up launch tasks.