Xichang Satellite Launch Center has created many miracles in China since its establishment 50 years ago

Xichang successfully launched China’s first geosynchronous satellite into orbit on December 13 to China’s first planetary exploration in the sky; from seven “zero window” successive victories in lunar exploration project to 59 Beidou navigation satellites 100% successful launch; from China’s first low-temperature fuel carrier rocket to China’s new generation of large carrier rocket mature application; from “Australia satellite defense” fearless retrograde scramble Rescue satellite rocket, to the end of Beidou, the largest fuel release and refuelling launch in China’s space history Since the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, one after another China’s aerospace “firsts” have been achieved, and one after another the world’s aerospace “firsts” have been created. < p > < p > “in the past 50 years, the center has carried out space launch, from one or two launch missions in a few years to nearly 20 missions in a year, realizing the leap forward improvement of comprehensive test launch capability.” Dong Chongqing, Party Secretary of the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, said. In the early morning of December 10, the whole day monitor satellite of high-energy electromagnetic counterpart of gravitational wave storm was successfully launched, Xichang launch site of Xichang Satellite Launch Center achieved five victories in the second half of the high-density space launch mission, and Xichang launch site successfully completed the final battle of the high-density launch mission. < / P > < p > it is reported that the Xichang Satellite Launch Center was founded in 1970, It is responsible for the management and use of Xichang and Wenchang space launch sites. It is China’s “Chang’e” and “Beidou” home port. It can launch more than 10 kinds of rockets, and has carried out more than 160 space launch missions, accounting for 45% of China’s total space launch. It is China’s launch center with the strongest comprehensive capacity, the largest number of launches, the highest launch density, the earliest opening to the outside world, and the highest degree of openness It is an important part of China’s space system. < / P > < p > after 50 years of construction and development, Xichang Satellite Launch Center has achieved from launching a single type of rocket to launching multiple types of rockets, from launching geosynchronous orbit satellites to launching multi orbit and deep space exploration spacecraft, from launching domestic satellites to launching international commercial satellites, and from “one rocket, one satellite” to “one rocket, many satellites”, which fully has the ability to carry out high-density missions Shooting ability. In the future, the center will also carry out the demonstration construction and layout of manned lunar landing and heavy rockets, and gradually form the launch capability of heavy, large and medium rockets with high and low altitude, multi direction, multi latitude, low inclination and large tonnage, which will provide strong support for China’s future deep space exploration, planetary exploration and space station construction, and also boost China’s construction Heaven, the foundation of a powerful country is laid and the momentum is ready. ” Zhang Xueyu, director of Xichang Satellite Launch Center, said.