Xi inspected the Marine Corps

Original title: during his inspection of the Marine Corps, Xi stressed speeding up the transformation and construction, accelerating the improvement of combat capability, and striving to forge a elite force with multi-functional, rapid response and global application < / P > < p > on the morning of October 13, Xi, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President and chairman, inspected the Marine Corps. This is Xi’s important speech after listening to the report. Photo by Li Gang < / P > < p > on October 13, Xi, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President and chairman of the CPC, visited the Marine Corps on October 13. He stressed that the Marine Corps is an elite amphibious combat force, which shoulders important responsibilities in safeguarding national sovereignty security and territorial integrity, safeguarding national maritime rights and interests, and safeguarding China’s overseas interests. It is necessary to implement the party’s thought of building a strong army in the new era, implement the military strategic policy of the new era, grasp the characteristics and laws of the construction management and operational application of the Marine Corps, accelerate the transformation and construction, accelerate the improvement of combat capability, and strive to forge a fine force with multi-functional, rapid response and full range application. In autumn, Chaoshan mountains and waters are in contrast with each other and the scenery is beautiful. At about 10:40 a.m., Xi came to the Marine Corps. In the warm applause, Xi cordially received the chief officers of the Marine Corps above brigade level and the leading cadres at or above the Department Director level, and took a group photo with them. The Marine Corps was set up in 2017 according to the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and deepening the reform of national defense and the army. Xi learned about the basic situation of the Marine Corps through the display board. Afterwards, Xi watched the multimedia film reflecting the situation of the army construction, and watched the special training of relevant task units through video. Xi fully affirmed the construction, development and completion of tasks of the Marine Corps since its establishment. After listening to the report, Xi delivered an important speech. He stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the strategic design for the construction of the Marine Corps to meet the needs of China’s development strategy, security strategy and military strategy, the strategic arrangements for the modernization of national defense and the armed forces, the construction of the joint operation system of the whole army and the transformation of the Navy, so as to clarify the objectives, directions, paths and priorities of the construction of the Marine Corps, and clarify the road map and construction map 。 We should strengthen the research on major theoretical and practical issues and explore the way to go away from the construction of Marine Corps with Chinese characteristics. The compilation of the “14th five year plan” for PLA construction is being stepped up. We should base ourselves on the current situation and take a long-term view, seriously study and solve outstanding contradictions and practical needs, and make a comprehensive plan for the construction of the Marine Corps. Xi pointed out that it is necessary to put all one’s mind and energy on the preparation for war and maintain a high state of alert. The Marine Corps carries out various tasks and requires various abilities. It is necessary to adhere to the principle of leading training with combat, strengthen task traction, strengthen targeted and confrontational training, and fight and train the troops from difficulties. It is necessary to promote innovation in operational theory, training mode and task organization, and improve training level and actual combat ability. It is necessary to strengthen the integration of their combat forces, combat units and operational elements, strengthen coordination with other services and arms, straighten out the relevant command and support relations, and deeply integrate into the joint combat system. Xi stressed that it is necessary to adhere to the party’s absolute leadership over the army, strengthen the party’s innovative theoretical arm, and pay close attention to comprehensively and strictly administering the party and the army, so as to ensure the absolute loyalty, purity and reliability of the army. It is necessary to carry forward the fine tradition, inherit the red gene, create the characteristic arms culture of the Marine Corps, and cultivate the fighting spirit of fearing neither hardship nor death, so as to make the army powerful. We should strictly enforce the education and management of the armed forces and maintain a high degree of centralization, unity, security and stability of the armed forces. We should innovate ideas and measures, do a good job in laying a foundation for grass-roots units, and forge excellent grass-roots units. We should develop internal relations of unity, fraternity, harmony and purity, be full of enthusiasm to do practical things, solve problems and do good things for the officers and men, and fully stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the vast number of officers and men. In conclusion, Xi stressed that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still uncertain, and we should not relax, pay close attention to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, take multiple measures to promote all kinds of work, and constantly push forward the construction of the army.