“Wuling new energy” new model spy photo exposed

A few days ago, we obtained a group of spy photos of new models with “Wuling new energy” license plates from the social networking platform. It is pointed out that “Wuling new energy” does not belong to SAIC GM Wuling. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, the new car adopts the fully enclosed front face design, the LED light band runs through the whole front face, the split type headlamp is arranged below, and the overall design highlights the sense of science and technology. The side of the car adopts the sliding back body design, highlighting the sports style. The charging interface is located above the front fender, and the door adopts the design of hidden door handle. < / P > < p > the design of the through taillight at the rear of the car echoes with the front of the car, and the large diffuser at the bottom adopts a two-color design, which highlights the fighting atmosphere without losing the sense of design.