Wuling Kaijie pre-sale 89800-119800 yuan “big four” layout 200000 grade quality

, with a total of four models. Before the pre-sale, Wuling Kaijie had 6000 blind subscribers within 20 days. It is reported that Wuling Kaijie may be listed at the end of October. < / P > < p > in the past 35 years, red standard Wuling has traveled all over China, and countless entrepreneurs have completed their life changes and achievements with the company of red standard Wuling. The red label Wuling has grown into a cultural pursuit, and has become a hot topic in reality and on the Internet. < / P > < p > after nurturing tens of millions of car owners, Wuling, which “people make what they need”, deeply perceives what we expect from a car. Comfort, luxury, intelligence and safety are the pursuit of consumers in the new era. In the past, “super value” was Wuling’s strict control over quality. Today’s “super value” is based on quality, so that the car experience is far beyond the price. < / P > < p > therefore, the purpose of silver standard Wuling is to make Wuling brand more prosperous and continue to be a benchmark. As the first flagship car of global silver standard Wuling, Kaijie is not only a new car, it represents the highest level of SAIC GM Wuling. It is a household flagship car that has been polished for several years. All of these show the comfort concept of surpassing the same level, and even reach 200000 level experience. However, the pre-sale price of about 100000 yuan for Capgemini naturally attracts considerable attention. < / P > < p > in terms of design, Kaijie’s Falcon wing array grille design, wide front grille and Wuling global Silver Logo are elegant and grand from all angles. We have photographed the static experience of Capgemini in the studio before. You can see that the form of Capgemini is undoubtedly a masterpiece of experts. It is sharp, elegant and shows the beauty of industrial design. < / P > < p > and its most eye-catching “4 + X” layout gives the family car a brand-new annotation, with a value of more than 200000 yuan, while the surprise is that the car purchase cost of Capgemini is only 100000 yuan. The “best original design award” of the 2020 Beijing International Design Week Design Expo is the best proof of the design of Capgemini, and Capgemini is also the only automobile product to win this award. < / P > < p > for a family car, space is always a line that can’t be turned around, both of which exceed the 200000 level Odyssey. At the same time, with the six seat layout, the flexibility of the second row seats and the Odyssey are not inferior, reaching the level of 200000. If you look at an MPV in the form of four seats, Capgemini even has a reason to side with the four seat GL8 of 400000 level. < / P > < p > Capgemini is also known as a big four seat family car, because the third row can be completely hidden in the car, forming a four seat car look. Its second row seats are equipped with maglev four-way slide rail, with a front and rear sliding distance of 560mm and a transverse sliding distance of 160mm. It is also equipped with 72 ° independent leg support, with the largest movable distance in the same class and flexible riding space. As for the general experience of changing the mode of Caojie seats, you can watch the video at the bottom of the article, or go to the store to learn more thoroughly. < / P > < p > surpassing the body size of the same level is only a small part of Wuling Kaijie’s many highlights. We are all concerned about the safety aspect, Capgemini is still very perfect. BFI integrated body structure design of cage + mesh passenger car, the proportion of high-strength steel is as high as 63%, and the application proportion of aviation grade ultra-high strength steel is as high as 31.53%, which brings far higher body strength than the same level. The car’s six embracing airbags, Yanfeng andot high-strength seat, the latest ESP system, 360 ° panoramic image, six airbags, L2 automatic driving assistance system, etc. all make its safety reach a new height. In terms of comfort, Wuling Kaijie can also bring new surprises. From the beginning of the design, Kaijie has focused on noise control. The whole vehicle adopts 2.5-way sealing and sound absorption and insulation materials. The inner sound insulation pad of the front wall adopts EVA + Pu + sound absorption cotton structure, and the integrated carpet structure is used to reduce splicing and improve the sound insulation effect. In the past, only 300000 high-end cars were equipped with super 4mm laminated sound insulation glass. < / P > < p > the interior of the car is as full of wisdom and imagination as the exterior. Wuling Kaijie’s cockpit design is inspired by structuralism in the field of architecture. The instrument panel adopts a unique multi-layer design, and is also equipped with an electronic lever and a large multimedia screen. And the six seats in the car are provided with independent USB interface and air-conditioning outlet, which is very comfortable. In terms of power, Wuling Kaijie is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, which is matched with CVT transmission. In order to improve the driving comfort of the whole vehicle as much as possible, Kaijie also adopts FSD high-end damping valve system of koni company of the Netherlands, which can automatically adjust different damping force and rebound speed according to the vibration frequency of different roads, and can adapt to a variety of road conditions. < / P > < p > as the first model of Wuling global silver standard, we can see that SAIC GM Wuling is “at all costs” to build Kaijie. From quality to safety, it is not difficult to see that Wuling Kaijie is a product that can compete with 200000 level joint venture models, and also represents Wuling’s current highest level of car manufacturing. < / P > < p > from blind order to pre-sale, now the order has exceeded 6000 units, which also proves everyone’s love and represents the confidence of Capgemini. Capgemini redefines “family car” with its own strength and creates new value in the 100000 class family car market. < / P > < p > Wuling Kaijie adopts a 6-seat layout, but the third row seats can be hidden folded. From here, we can see that designers expect Kaijie to bring more quality travel experience to future car owners. Wuling Kaijie not only aims at the MPV market, but also integrates almost all the advantages of SUVs and cars, expressing Wuling’s stronger “ambition” with family cars. < / P > < p > in the future, we will bring more reports about Wuling Kaijie’s new cars, and you are welcome to continue to pay attention. You are also welcome to click on the video below to learn more about our previous Wuling Kaijie space experience.