Wuling Kaijie opened the blind order on September 7, and the order volume has exceeded 3000 in a week

Recently, the first flagship model of SAIC GM Wuling global silver standard, Kaijie, has broken 3000 orders in only one week since it opened its blind order on September 7. This is another good achievement of Wuling brand new cars after Hongguang Mini EV sold 15000 units in only 20 days since its launch. < p > < p > in May this year, Wuling started a new journey of globalization. The appearance of Kaijie is an important step for Wuling to take a brand new look. Wuling Kaijie, which has just announced its official appearance, has launched a blind preferential policy for its users and has given six major gifts, Before September 28, users only need to deposit on tmall, Jingdong and linglingbang lines to get priority experience and pick-up right of big four seat family cars, with a replacement subsidy of up to 5000 yuan, 24 periods of zero interest discount, exclusive customized test drive routes, preemptive ordering, and the opportunity to obtain exclusive customized logo, family high-end art tourism and other surprises. < p > < p > Kaijie’s powerful comprehensive product strength and unprecedented preferential benefits have stimulated the enthusiasm of users to rush for orders. In only one week, the orders quickly exceeded 3000, and the national car brand strength can not be underestimated. At present, the enthusiasm of users to purchase Kaijie in advance is becoming more and more high. In order to live up to the expectations of users, Wuling Kaijie has made an exception to increase the number of blind subscription rights and interests to 5000. In addition, it is speeding up the production schedule to ensure that the vehicles are delivered as soon as possible, so as to meet the wish of each family user to own a four seat family car with global quality. < / P > < p > as the first flagship model of the global silver standard, Wuling Kaijie breaks through the traditional family car seat layout with the global quality and the brand-new “big four seat” family car posture c-position, and creates a new era of “big four seat family car” with unique “4 + X” Smart Magic seat space design, which is unanimously recognized by the industry media and attracts the high attention and attention of the majority of family users favor. < p > < p > it can be said that the appearance of Wuling Kaijie will perfectly meet the multi-dimensional needs of families with large population for beautiful appearance, many seats, large space and comfortable riding. It is expected to become the travel necessities of every family, and it is a good car that really enters Chinese families. < / P > < p > adhering to the principle of “Wuling makes what the people need”, Kaijie has emerged with global quality and the brand-new design of “big four”, which has brought perfect solutions for the diversified travel scenarios of multi population family users in China. Only a week after its debut, the order exceeded 3000, which further confirmed the strength of Wuling Kaijie hard core products and was deeply trusted by users. Next, Wuling Kaijie’s blind booking policy will continue to be promoted, and preferential quota will be increased, which will bring unlimited possibility for more family users to travel with big four family cars.