Worry continues! Nearly 70% of Italian citizens still don’t eat out after being unsealed

On August 6, according to a social survey report released by the Italian public utilities Federation on August 6, local time, nearly 70% of the citizens have not yet gone out to eat since the authorities gradually relaxed the ban on epidemic prevention and restarted the operation of tourism and catering industry, according to the report of European Union news agency quoted by EURONET. Among them, 72% had not eaten breakfast outside, 67.9% had lunch and 69.4% had dinner. < / P > < p > according to the report, the survey results showed that about 66.5% of the respondents did not eat out, mainly based on the fear of new coronavirus. While 41.5% of consumers said that the government’s restrictions made people feel depressed when eating in restaurants. At the same time, the survey also found that another main reason for consumers to eat out less is the general decline of family income. In addition, many white-collar workers and corporate executives are still telecommuting, reducing the need for social activities and dining out. < / P > < p > according to the statistics of the Italian Federation of public activities, the total social consumption of catering in Italy will be 86 billion euro in 2019. According to the association, more than 50000 catering enterprises in Italy are facing the risk of bankruptcy due to the new crown epidemic, involving 300000 jobs. According to the report, stopani, chairman of the Federation, is worried about the future of the catering industry. He believes that traditional restaurants and bars are being replaced by takeaway restaurants, and it is estimated that 25% of Italian restaurants will be forced to close in a year’s time. Stopani stressed that Italian public service industries, such as bars, restaurants, pizza shops, catering chains, discos, pastry shops and beach service facilities, are in serious crisis due to the impact of the new epidemic. He pointed out that Italy’s public service industry is afraid of losing 30 billion euro due to the epidemic, and many owners are considering giving up their business. < p > < p > in view of the current severe market situation of Italian catering industry, Italian congressman bufani and Castelli recently jointly proposed the “catering allowance” bill to the house of Representatives, hoping to stimulate consumption and increase support for the catering and hotel industry. At present, the bill has been put into the agenda of the Parliament and is expected to be promulgated and implemented in September.