World’s most expensive sheep: 3.37 million

[Global Times reporter Feng Guochuan] a Scottish sheep recently sold at a high price of 367500 pounds, known as the most expensive sheep in the world. < / P > < p > according to the daily mail, the six-month ram named “double diamond” was bought by three farmers for 367500 at a recent auction of Texel Sheep in Scotland. Texel Sheep is native to texel island in the Netherlands. It is sought after by the British for its delicious meat. “Double diamond” is the best one selected from many sheep. Its gene is among the best. Its hair, color and horn shape are impeccable. It has become the target of speculation in the pre-sale stage. Such expensive sheep are not used to kill and eat meat, but to breed more excellent offspring. One of the buyers, farmer Aiken, said, “we have to pay for this to get a lot of good genes.”. < / P > < p > the report also said that before the “double diamond” deal, the most expensive sheep in the world was an 8-month-old Texel Sheep, which was sold for 231000 pounds in 2009.