Wltp will start at Beijing auto show 2020

Recently, we learned from BMW official that BMW I4 concept car will be officially unveiled on September 26, 2020 Beijing auto show. The new car is equipped with the fifth generation BMW Edrive electric drive technology, and the wltp range can reach 600km. The predecessor of I4 is the I vision dynamics concept car released in 2017. According to the analysis of spy photos of road test in various media, the contour of the mass production I4 model is very similar to that of the 3 series, and it is also built on the BMW clar platform. In terms of power, I4 adopts the fifth generation Edrive technology and adopts the front and rear dual motor layout. The maximum power can reach 530 horsepower and accelerate to 100% in 4S. This power level has far exceeded the 450 HP of the current m3 / M4, and even exceeded the 510 HP power of the next generation of the new m3 / M4. < / P > < p > the battery pack capacity is 80kwh, and the comprehensive endurance mileage of wltp can reach 600km (model 3 long endurance version 590km). The maximum charging power is 150 kW (the maximum charging power of Tesla Model 3 is 170KW), 80% of the power can be charged in 35 minutes, and more than 100 kilometers can be run after 6 minutes of charging.