With strong market demand, JLR will continue to produce V8 engines

Recently, e-Car learned from overseas media that Ford will close its Bridgend plant next month and will take over the production of AJ series V8 supercharger. It said there was strong demand for V8 engines in some markets. < / P > < p > from the Jaguar F-type to the range rover, as well as the all-new defender, will use the AJ series V8 supercharged petrol engine. The future of the AJ engine has been uncertain since Ford announced the closure of the Bridgend plant last summer. Now it seems that the solution for JLR is to move production equipment and possibly part of the workforce from Wales to West Midlands. “The V8 petrol engine designed by JLR, which was previously manufactured in Bridgend, will be moved to the JLR engine manufacturing centre for production, with more details to be confirmed in the future,” JLR said < / P > < p > Ford said that Bridgend’s production is now focused on working for a “third party” (JLR) and it is understood that the Bridgend plant has been manufacturing AJ series engines at a rate higher than the required loading capacity, so that there is sufficient engine inventory to provide buffer supply before a new production line is established after the plant is closed. The current third generation AJ engine will continue to be in production for three to five years, according to sources. This is in line with the launch time of Euro 7 emission standards. After the introduction of more stringent emission standards, Jaguar Land Rover is expected to adopt BMW’s V8 engine, because the demand for large displacement engine is decreasing in Europe, while it is still strong in the United States and the Middle East. The strong demand for the current V8 in these markets is the main driving force for JLR to take over the AJ engine and continue to produce it.