Wildfires continue to spread in Northern California, killing seven people

San Francisco, August 24, California forest fire continues to spread. California governor Newsom said at a news conference on the 24th that the wildfire has destroyed about 1.2 million acres of land in a week, nearly 1200 buildings were damaged, and seven people were killed in the fire. At present, the emergency shelter has received about 2200 evacuees. < p > < p > according to the California forestry and fire department, 1.5 million acres of land have been destroyed in California this year, about three times the area burned in the same period last year. Currently, the state’s three largest fires are located in the northern San Francisco Bay area, covering nearly 800000 acres and expanding. Affected by the fire, the air quality in the San Francisco Bay area has deteriorated rapidly. About 200 leisure places such as more than 350 parks in the bay area have been closed. More than 14000 firefighters and more than 2400 fire fighting vehicles have been invested in California. Jack Hess, head of the Santa Clara County Fire Department, said at a news conference on the 24th that the fight against the fire would be a “marathon race.”.