Why light media fell sharply after making 400 million yuan from Jiang Ziya

The animated film “Jiang Ziya” won a billion box office in just four days. On October 13, light day, the company’s revenue from the film “Jiang Ziya” ranged from 360 million yuan to 400 million yuan. This for the first half of the operation of the difficult light media, is undoubtedly timely help. However, investors found that after the “Jiang Ziya” box office exposure, the stock price of the light media fell one after another. From the perspective of post festival performance, three trading days of light billion capital turnover to calculate, light billion funds are set. Affected by the epidemic situation in the first half of this year, film and television companies have been having a hard time. August 21, “eight hundred” was officially released, box office is good. In this context, Jiang Ziya, which is planned to be released in the National Day archives, has attracted much attention. < p > < p > according to the previous box office sales of Nezha exceeding 5 billion yuan, many people are looking forward to Jiang Ziya’s rebirth. In this aura, “Jiang Ziya” three days before the release of no doubt became the box office champion. However, word of mouth has been polarized. According to the data, the Douban score of Jiang Ziya dropped to 7.1 in just two days. Among them, the plot and script perfunctory become the most discussed topic of the audience. Many people think that the story setting of Jiang Ziya is too simple and the sense of rhythm is not strong. At the same time, the director wants to express too many things, and the content is also a little jumping. After the word-of-mouth of Jiang Ziya was less than expected, cat’s eye predicted its box office to be only 1.5 billion, far lower than expected. At the same time, the box office is far from the 5 billion box office of his brother’s “the Devil boy of Nezha”. < p > < p > on October 13, light day, the company’s revenue range from the film “Jiang Ziya” was about 360 million yuan to 400 million yuan. So, how much profit will this part of operating income turn into? Financial investment newspaper reporter inquiry research report found that many securities analysts forecast light billion yuan. Among them, Huatai Securities forecasts the highest net profit of 570 million yuan. But even so, the company’s share price is only 0.19 yuan per share in 2020. According to the closing price of 13.63 yuan on October 13, the dynamic P / E ratio is 71 times! In this regard, some investors said that it is no wonder that the light media will fall. “It’s good to cash in, and the capital runs away when it’s high!” For the capital market, investors are familiar with the trend of capital market. < / P > < p > in the Spring Festival of 2019, “wandering earth” is a box office blockbuster, ranking first in terms of box office, total box office and attendance rate. But Beijing Culture in the first day of the year of the pig harvest trading limit, the stock price on a sharp downward, so that the capital into the experience of a “roller coaster” refreshing. Now, the light media fell nearly 19% in the three trading days after the festival, which also buried all the 800 million funds that had been put into before the festival. < p > < p > financial report data show that in the past two years, the profitability of light media has fluctuated significantly. In 2018, the company made a net profit of 1.373 billion. Note that this net profit does not depend on the box office and other major film and television industries, but on the resale of shares of Xinli media. In 2019, under the background of no return on investment, ray%. Among them, the investment and distribution business profits of four TV dramas such as “eight minutes of warmth”, “you against the current” and “tingxuelou” have decreased compared with the same period in 2018. In the first half of 2020, under the background of the overall poor film and television industry, the light is 10000 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 80.46%. Among them, after deducting non-profit, the net profit was 13.1876 million yuan, down 119.22% year-on-year. In this regard, some senior people in the industry said that, from a certain point of view, the high box office of Nezha is a huge pressure on the light media, and there is a suspicion of profit ceiling. It is worth noting that at the end of “Jiang Ziya”, the light media released colored eggs and planned to release “deep sea” in the next step. It is said that the film is a key animation project of light media, with a production cost of up to 200 million yuan! In addition, there are “big fish Begonia 2”, “phoenix”, “Yang Jian” and many other animated films. In this regard, senior people in the industry believe that after the success of Nezha, the light media launched a series of animated films, but whether the box office revenue can achieve another brilliant, it is worth considering. < p > < p > “a few years ago, after the popularity of kung fu movies, kung fu movies have sprung up like mushrooms. However, the release of many Kungfu movies has also caused the aesthetic fatigue of movie audiences, which eventually makes the weight of such films in the film market gradually lighter. Therefore, the light of the follow-up several animated films can start, it can be said that all depends on the content and production. However, in terms of the production cost of “deep sea”, the investment of 200 million yuan is not small, and the pressure of return on capital is high. ” Senior people in the industry said. < p > < p > the purpose of this article reprinted by China net finance and economics is to convey more information, which does not represent the views and positions of the website. The content of this paper is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and bear their own risks.