Who’s first team of experts arrived in South Africa to help fight the disease

Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, China, Johannesburg, August 6th, 6 health experts confirmed that 17 experts from the World Health Organization, including David, Hayman, a senior infectious disease and epidemiologist, arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa on 5 nights, to help South Africa fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic. In novel coronavirus pneumonia,

announced earlier that 5 days earlier, 43 people from different fields were sent to South Africa to help South Africa fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic. These experts are involved in epidemiology, case monitoring and management, infectious disease prevention and control, material procurement, community mobilization and health education. A pressing matter of the moment is novel coronavirus pneumonia, one of the five countries most affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the World Health Organization said. < / P > < p > according to the plan, after arriving in South Africa, the expert group will first carry out isolation and nucleic acid detection, and then formally start work. In addition to cooperating with the South African Ministry of health, the expert group will also go to the Eastern Cape, free state, Howden, KwaZulu Natal and pumalanga provinces to investigate and participate in the fight against the epidemic.