Who plans to evaluate the first new crown registered vaccine as a weak link in global economic recovery?

According to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University on August 12, as of 8:27 on August 12, Beijing time, there were more than 20.19 million newly diagnosed cases and 738000 deaths in the world. Who is discussing with Russia on the prequalification of the first registered vaccine; schools in many parts of the United States are reopening, causing concern about cluster infection; many countries’ economies are impacted by the epidemic, and the United States media says that the United States has become a weak link in the global economic recovery. < / P > < p > the Russian Ministry of health registered the world’s first new crown vaccine on August 11 and began production in two locations. The World Health Organization said that who and Russian health authorities are currently discussing the prequalification of the new vaccine. < / P > < p > who spokesman Tariq yasharevi said, “we are in close contact with the Russian health authorities and are discussing who’s possible prequalification of its vaccine.” He said pre qualification of any vaccine includes a rigorous review and evaluation of all necessary safety and efficacy data. On the other hand, US President trump said on the 11th that he has reached an agreement with the pharmaceutical company Modena to purchase 100 million doses of vaccines developed by the company. Trump has said that before the U.S. election, the United States is expected to develop a safe and effective vaccine. < / P > < p > however, after reviewing the data of Modena, US experts believe that the US vaccine cannot be ready before or after election day. The vaccine for most Americans may not be ready until 2021, according to a report on the U.S. < / P > < p > at present, there are more than 5.13 million confirmed cases and more than 164000 deaths in the United States. Florida reported 276 new deaths on November 11, the highest number of new deaths in a single day since the outbreak in the state. However, the number of virus tests in the state continued to decline. According to the new crown tracking program, as of August 10, the number of virus tests in the state had dropped by about 46% compared with the previous two weeks. < / P > < p > according to the New York Times 11, sanatoriums, prisons and food processing plants have become the main places for outbreaks of cluster infections in the United States, with more than 380000 people infected in sanatoriums alone. As schools in many parts of the United States, especially in the southern region, continue to resume face-to-face teaching, people are increasingly worried that schools may become new places for cluster infection. < / P > < p > in Cherokee County School District, Georgia, more than 900 students and staff have been quarantined since August 3, when they were tested positive for new coronavirus. Previously, in a high school in Alabama, five football players were infected, resulting in the isolation of the whole team. An official of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa said on the 11th that the new crown disease continued to spread, causing a serious impact on the African economy. Even with optimistic estimates, Africa’s economic growth in 2020 is likely to drop from the 3.2% previously expected to close to zero. Africa needs to make efforts to keep some economic sectors open while controlling the epidemic, so as to reduce the adverse impact on the economy. < / P > < p > according to the latest statistics released by the office for national statistics on August 11, 2.7 million people applied for low-income living security in the UK from March to July, a year-on-year increase of 116.8%, the highest level since the financial crisis in 2009. According to British media statistics, since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, 730000 people have been unemployed in the UK. < / P > < p > and the associated press said in an article entitled “the surge in the number of infections has made the United States a weak link in the global economic recovery” that the United States has “clumsy response” in controlling the epidemic, hesitated about the new aid plan, made the outside world doubt its economic prospects, and made it one of the main risks of the global economic recovery. < / P > < p > Philip hauber, an economist at Kiel Institute for world economics in Germany, also said that with the spread of the second wave of the epidemic, the weak economic recovery in the United States is the biggest risk facing the euro area and the world economy. < / P > < p > according to the data previously released by the US Department of Commerce, US GDP plummeted by 32.9% in the second quarter, the largest drop since the 1940s. The associated press pointed out that although the data is expected to rebound in the second half of the year, the U.S. economy will be far below the level of early 2020.