Who is the biggest beneficiary of “hand in hand” between UAE and Israel

If Arab Israeli diplomatic relations are formally established, the UAE will become the first Gulf state to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. Analysts pointed out that the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates has limited significance in promoting regional peace and stability, and trump is likely to be the biggest beneficiary of the agreement. The statement jointly issued by the three parties said that the two countries will sign an agreement in the next few weeks, involving investment, tourism, direct flights, security, mutual embassies, etc. The statement said that at Trump’s “request” and with the support of the United Arab Emirates, Israel will suspend the “implementation of sovereignty” in the region mentioned in the “New Middle East peace plan” of the United States, and will focus on expanding relations with other Arab and Islamic countries. < / P > < p > Palestinian President Abbas issued a statement on the same day to “strongly reject and condemn” the agreement, saying that it is a “violation of the Palestinian people”. The Palestinian Islamic resistance movement also condemned the agreement, saying that it “encourages the occupiers to continue to deprive the Palestinian people of their rights” and “weakens the resistance.”. < / P > < p > trump wrote on social media that the agreement was a “huge breakthrough.”. He told the media at the White House that Israel and the United Arab Emirates will formally sign the agreement at the White House in the next few weeks. < / P > < p > the mainstream media of the United States subsequently issued articles saying that the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is a diplomatic victory for trump. The Washington Post said in the report that trump has taken the Middle East peace plan as a pillar of his foreign policy since he took office. Although the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is not enough to fulfill Trump’s commitment to Middle East peace, it is still an important step in his election campaign. The New York Times believes that the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is an urgent positive breakthrough for trump when his domestic election is frustrated by the epidemic situation and the economy. According to Wu Sike, former special envoy of China on the Middle East issue, Israel and the United Arab Emirates’ demands for cooperation in geopolitics, economy and technology have prompted the two sides to reach a peace treaty. Israel has been trying to turn regional conflicts to Iran for many years, while the Gulf states see Iran’s growing influence in the region in recent years as a threat. In addition, the trump administration also hopes to make Iran the general representative of regional extremist forces. The three sides thus formed a common front against Iran. < / P > < p > sun Chenghao, assistant researcher of American Research Institute of China Institute of modern international relations, believes that the United States has played a role of “leading the needle” behind the scenes. He said that in the United States, trump currently lags behind former Vice President Biden in various mainstream polls. In addition to the fact that the epidemic is difficult to contain and the economic situation is sluggish, trump urgently needs some policy highlights to boost confidence. The significance of this agreement is so high-profile played up by the ruling authorities of the United States, which is also due to the consideration of boosting the election situation. Internationally, the United States will continue to integrate the network of allies against Iran in the Middle East. Suppressing Iran and supporting Israel have always been one of the main lines of Trump’s Middle East policy. < p > < p > sun Chenghao said that the United States also hopes to integrate the relations between Israel, a special ally, and its Arab allies, so it takes Iran, the common enemy of the two sides, as the starting point for kneading the middle east alliance. < p > < p > sun Chenghao believes that what the Palestinian side is most worried about now is that the establishment of Arab Israeli diplomatic relations will lead to demonstration effect, and that it will be “betrayed” by the Arab world. But he also pointed out that the significance of establishing diplomatic relations this time is limited. Although the United Arab Emirates is also an ally of the United States in the Middle East, its geopolitical influence is limited, and more importantly, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. < / P > < p > Wu Sike also said that the peace agreement seems to have taken a step, but it is difficult to play a positive role in promoting the settlement of the Palestinian issue. Palestine tends to be diluted and marginalized, and its situation will become more difficult. < / P > < p > under the mediation of the United States, behind the “hand in hand” between the United Arab Emirates and Israel is actually driven by regional interests, and the three parties have their own “small abacus”. Whether the “historic diplomatic breakthrough” can really bring “great breakthrough” to regional peace and stability still needs to be questioned. In April this year, the Likud group and the blue white party signed a coalition government agreement. According to the agreement, Israel will promote the “implementation of sovereignty” over Jewish settlements in the Jordan Valley and the West Bank under the so-called “New Middle East peace plan” of the United States from July 1, covering about 30% of the West Bank area. The plan has been widely opposed by the United Nations, the European Union and Arab countries. On June 30, Netanyahu hinted that Israel might not implement the annexation plan as scheduled.