Who else dares to do this? Jixing 2 releases total carbon emissions in its life cycle

Polestar polar star announced that it will release full details of the climate impact of its electric vehicles and is committed to becoming the most transparent brand in the automotive industry. Today, Jixing will be the first to release the carbon emission figures of Jixing 2 when it is offline. Jixing will use the complete life cycle assessment methodology to calculate the carbon footprint of all its electric vehicles to fully demonstrate the impact of electric vehicles on climate. < / P > < p > for the automotive industry as a whole, this is of great significance. As a leading star in the industry, Jixing has helped the automobile industry to win back the trust of consumers. Jixing proves that automobile manufacturing enterprises are transparent and trustworthy in terms of sustainable development. Thomas ingenlatt, Global CEO of Jixing brand, said: “in the past, the disclosure of automobile carbon emission information by automobile manufacturers was not clear. This is not right. We should be realistic about issues related to sustainable development of automobiles, although sometimes the results are not satisfactory. ” < p > < p > LCA life cycle assessment report shows that polar star 2 is offline tons. Due to the production of high energy density battery, the carbon emission of Jixing 2 in the manufacturing stage is slightly higher than that of the same type of fuel vehicles. However, in the use phase, as long as the green energy is used to charge the electric vehicle, the carbon dioxide emission of the electric vehicle is very small. After driving for 50000 km, the electric vehicle emitted more than 50000 fuel. Thomas ingenlatt said: “this real data clearly proves that electric vehicles are an effective environmental protection path, and Jixing will use the insights in the report to continue to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to achieve the goal of sustainable travel.” < / P > < p > at present, the automobile industry lacks transparency, and the carbon emission calculation standards of various manufacturers are various. It is difficult for users to compare the impact of different brands of vehicles on climate. Jixing will share its complete life cycle assessment method with other automobile companies, and call on other automobile manufacturers to treat the issue of automobile emissions with a transparent and open attitude. < p > < p > Fredrika Klar é n, Telstar’s sustainable development officer, said: “the fragmented assessment method will only make people more confused. Automobile manufacturers should unite to make our industry more transparent. Jixing, as a leading star in the industry, has the responsibility to help consumers make the right choice. ”