Who affirms the development of new coronal vaccine

On August 7 and 6 in Brussels, Michael Ryan, head of the World Health Organization’s health emergency program, said that there are 165 kinds of vaccines in the world, of which 26 have entered the clinical trial stage. Three of the six vaccines in phase III clinical trials are from China. It is encouraging that the development of new coronal vaccine has made such great progress in the short term. Ruian stressed that the phase III clinical trial of the vaccine does not mean that the development of the vaccine is about to succeed. This only means that the vaccine can be tested in more healthy people to see if it protects them from infection. Up to now, vaccine research and development mainly focus on safety, whether it can induce effective immunity and other aspects, and more research on phase III clinical trials is needed. In addition, there are a variety of new crown vaccines covering different research and development paths, which are conducive to vaccine development. The Chinese research team published a paper in the British medical journal Lancet on the 20th, saying that they had carried out a phase II clinical trial of a new crown vaccine, and the results showed that the vaccine was safe and could induce immune response in the human body. At present, hundreds of scientific research teams around the world are accelerating the research and development of new coronal vaccines on different technical routes. It is expected that effective candidate vaccines will appear before the end of the year.