White House spokesman mentions “Chinese virus” netizen: covid-19, can’t you remember?

Original title: the White House spokesman said that “Chinese virus” was rejected by US media editors, and netizens “took classes”: “covid-19” is too difficult for you to remember? “We must stop racism. It’s not called ‘China virus’, it’s called covid-19, or new coronavirus!” Molly Chung fast, editor of the US media “beast daily”, used this statement to refute the White House spokesman’s slander about “China virus”. Earlier, White House spokesman Kelly mcnani tweeted that trump would hold a meeting on the new coronavirus the next day, and used “Chinese virus” to refer to the new coronavirus in her tweet. “At 18:00 tomorrow afternoon, President trump will hold a press conference related to the breakthrough in the treatment of China’s virus,” McNally said in a tweet on the same day The tweet also said U.S. health secretary aza and U.S. Food and drug administration director Stephen Hahn will attend the meeting. However, many people are dissatisfied with mcnani’s use of the slanderous “China virus” in his tweets. Molly Chung fast then forwarded the tweet, denouncing mcnani’s racist behavior. “We have to stop racism, it’s not called ‘China virus’, it’s called covid-19, or new coronavirus,” fast tweeted < / P > < p > a netizen named “trumptaxes” noticed that the meeting that McNally had announced did not invite infectious disease expert fouch. The netizen said: “will Dr. fudge also go? Not going? Then we won’t believe anything trump says. ”