Which country has more severe punishment for violating epidemic prevention regulations?

[Global Times comprehensive report] “which country has the most severe punishment measures?” According to the German news agency reported on the 23rd, since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, many countries have formulated punishment measures against violations of the new crown epidemic prevention regulations. In Germany, those who violate the communication ban are fined at least 150 euro and more than 25000 euro. Compared with the fine imposed by Germany, the punishment measures of the rest of the world for those who violate the new crown epidemic prevention regulations are more varied. < / P > < p > a motorcycle driver without a mask in wangjiaxi, Indonesia, was immediately punished for ignoring the new crown protection measures – doing push ups under the supervision of the police. There are also the words of “wearing the National Anthem” or “singing the National Anthem” in public places, such as “wearing the National Anthem” or “violating the public health regulations” in Indonesia. < p > < p > Thailand, which is also in Southeast Asia, also severely punishes those who violate anti epidemic measures. In April, a Swiss man and his Thai wife drink soup at their home on Elephant Island. They were jailed for two months for forgetting the local curfew. According to the regulations, they can’t appear in public places since 22:00, and the time for them to drink soup at the door is 22:20. Later, the couple were released on bail and appealed at the same time. < / P > < p > in Malaysia, a restaurant owner was jailed for five months. The man was in self isolation because he had new crown symptoms at that time, but he still wanted the restaurant to open. In Singapore, known for its harsh sentences, a 40 year old driver was sentenced to four months in prison for spreading the false message on social media: “because of the epidemic, shops will be closed and supermarkets will be open only two days a week.” Although the driver later deleted the text, he was sentenced to prison for spreading false information and causing public panic. < p > < p > severe punishment also takes place in Africa. In the West African country of Ghana, if found not wearing a mask, he will face 4-10 years’ imprisonment or a fine of up to 8800 euros. < / P > < p > calls for stricter measures in Europe are also growing. The UK is now imposing a fine of up to 3200 pounds on people who repeatedly do not wear masks, double the previous level. In Austria, patients who have been diagnosed with the disease and still fail to comply with the rules and infect others will be sentenced to up to three years’ imprisonment. Recently, a 49 year old man was sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence and a fine of 800 euros for violating the communication ban.