Whether controversial content in the brexit bill was defeated by British Prime Minister Johnson house of Lords

China News Network on November 10 comprehensive report, local time 9, British Prime Minister Johnson encountered a serious setback in the house of Lords, the controversial content of his brexit bill was vetoed. At the same time, British and European representatives continued to negotiate bilateral trade agreements in London. According to Reuters, a key clause in the brexit bill was deleted by the house of Lords by 433 votes in favor and 165 votes against on the 9th, Reuters reported. Other similar provisions are expected to be removed in subsequent votes. It is understood that this clause allows the Johnson administration to unilaterally overturn parts of the brexit agreement concerning Northern Ireland. But if Johnson still has a chance to revive these controversial measures. According to ABC, members of the British House of Lords have lashed out at the bill. Former Conservative leader Michael Howard said he was “disappointed” by the government’s actions. “I voted for brexit and I have never regretted or resented that vote,” he said “But I hope that the independent sovereign states that I have voted for can stand tall in the world, keep their promises, uphold the rule of law, and fulfill their treaty obligations.” On the other hand, negotiators from the UK and the EU met in London on the 9th to seek a breakthrough in the deadlock in trade negotiations. Analysts believe that the UK and Europe need to reach an agreement by mid November to ensure that there is enough time to go through their respective legal procedures. According to the previous report, Britain officially left Europe on January 31 this year, and then entered an 11 month transitional period. If the UK and Europe fail to reach a trade agreement during the transitional period, the bilateral trade will return to the framework of the World Trade Organization from 2021, and re implement border inspection and tariff arrangements. In this regard, Johnson said on the 8th that the “Outline” of the brexit agreement is very clear, and the agreement “needs to be completed”. But he also insisted that the UK was well prepared if the final stage of talks with the EU were not successful. The European Union also said it would not reach an agreement at all costs.