Where is the prime minister? Johnson’s holiday site was exposed and the holiday was closed ahead of time

[Global Times comprehensive report] just as “where has the prime minister gone” sparked heated debate in Britain, Prime Minister Johnson ended his vacation ahead of schedule and returned to Downing Street because his vacation place was exposed. Johnson has flown back to London from Scotland, the Daily Mail reported on the 22nd. Previously, he and his fiancee Simmonds, their youngest son Wilfred and dilling, a dog, went on holiday on the peninsula of Applecross in Scotland. The family lived in a deserted holiday home. The three bedroom resort is located in a perfect location overlooking the sea and costs about 1500 a week. After media exposure to the resort, Johnson’s security team advised the family to leave because “it’s no longer safe to stay here.”. < p > < p > Simmonds’ photos on social media show that the family is walking on the highlands of Scotland and having a good time. One of them shows Johnson’s 4-month-old son strapped to his chest with a baby strap, looking breathless and tired. During the holiday, Johnson also put on a farce. According to London Evening Standard on the 22nd, Johnson broke into a fenced area and set up a tent to camp. Kenny Cameron, the local farmer, said that Johnson did not say hello at all or walk through the main door, stepping on a chair to climb over the fence. “As a leader of a country, he is impolite and does not set a good example.”.