What’s wrong with Abe? I would like to make a public statement on my health in the near future

Recently, the health of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has attracted much attention from the outside world. On the 24th, Abe left home again for Keio University Hospital in Tokyo. On the 17th, he also went to the same hospital for a medical examination for 7.5 hours. Abe said he would consider holding a press conference in the near future to explain his physical condition. According to Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun on the 25th, Abe again entered Keio University Hospital in Tokyo on the morning of 24th. In response, the Japanese Prime Minister’s official residence explained that Abe was checking again in accordance with last week’s doctor’s advice. After leaving the hospital, Abe also told the press team: “in order to have a detailed understanding of the results of my examination last week, I also went to have an additional examination today. This is to better regulate the body, will continue to work hard in the future As for novel coronavirus pneumonia, he said “we will talk about it first”. He said he would consider a recent press conference to explain the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention measures and his physical condition. The Japanese media pointed out that with Abe’s health problems and physical fatigue getting more and more attention, the 24-day trip to the hospital is bound to cause speculation again. Japanese television also quoted ruling party sources as saying that Abe is receiving treatment for chronic diseases rather than physical examination. According to Kyodo news agency, a Japanese weekly magazine reported earlier this month that Abe had vomiting in July. On the 16th, Japanese economy minister Gan Liming also said in an interview that the prime minister needs to rest. All these have increased concerns about Abe’s health. < p > < p > on the 24th, Abe entered the 2799th day in a row, surpassing the continuous working time of his grandfather, Rongzuo Sato, and set a new record. He said that he was in power under the supervision of the people, and has been making every effort to achieve political achievements. This accumulation ushered in this day.