What will be mentioned in the exposure of the original case of Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei’s policy address?

China news network, Oct. 22, according to the Japan Broadcasting Association, Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei plans to make his first policy address since taking office at the provisional parliament on October 26. Recently, the original case of the speech was exposed, covering administrative reform, the new crown epidemic and the Tokyo Olympic Games. In terms of internal affairs, Kan Yiwei will emphasize the concept of “realizing reform and creating a new era”, specifically, breaking vertical politics and vested interests. In addition, infertility treatment will be included in the insurance, the reduction of mobile phone charges and the abolition of seals on administrative procedures will also be mentioned. The original case emphasizes that “we must absolutely prevent explosive growth”, and will gradually realize the recovery of social and economic activities, and strive to build a new society coexisting with the new crown and post new crown era. In terms of new crown vaccination, the original case pointed out that under the premise of ensuring safety and effectiveness, the vaccine reserve will be completed in the first half of 2021, and priority vaccination will be gradually implemented for the elderly and medical workers. As for the Tokyo Olympic Games postponed to July 2021, as pointed out by Mr. Kan many times before, the original case reiterated: “as a proof that human beings overcome the virus, it is decided to hold it next summer.” According to the previous report, the interim Congress is tentatively scheduled for October 26 to December 5 for 41 days. Kan plans to deliver his first day policy address, after which representatives of parties in the house and Senate will question the contents of his speech.