What knowledge does automobile body color have?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, cars have entered thousands of households. When people buy a car, they not only pay attention to price, performance and appearance, but also consider color. So, what is the color of cars and knowledge? < / P > < p > it is found that there is a correlation between the car color and the frequency of traffic accidents, that is, the visibility of car color is closely related to traffic accidents. The black, gold, green and blue cars are too dark and easy to be confused with the surrounding color of the Road, so the probability of traffic accidents is high; light yellow, beige, milk, white, etc Color car color is more bright, and the visibility is high, the probability of traffic accidents is low. Why is that? < / P > < p > on the one hand, the color has forward and backward, which can be divided into forward color and backward color. When cars with red, yellow, blue and black keep the same distance with us, the red and yellow cars are closer to us, while the blue cars and black cars are farther away from us. The main reason is that red and yellow are forward colors, and blue and black are backward colors. In terms of visual effect, the forward color is obviously better than the backward color. People can perceive the danger earlier and make a prediction when they feel close to each other visually. < / P > < p > on the other hand, because of the expansion and contraction of color, it can be divided into expansion color and contraction color. Bright color is expansion color, and dark color is shrinkage color. For the same car body, after being painted with different colors, the subjective vision will produce different body sizes. Bright colored cars can make people feel the body expand and look larger than the actual size, so the cars with inflated colors are more likely to attract people’s attention on the road; dark cars will make people feel that the body shrinks, looks smaller than the actual size and has a longer distance. Besides, it is easy to give people a fuzzy visual feeling, especially in rainy days or when the light is not good in the evening Therefore, the shrinkage color of the car is not easy to notice. < / P > < p > in general, driving a light colored car has a higher safety factor than a dark one. But red is special. Although it is both a forward color and an expansion color, it is not the safest car color. Why is that? Experts believe that in the long-term driving process, red is more likely to cause driver visual fatigue, thus reducing the ability to observe and judge other light colored objects, so the safety is greatly reduced. To sum up, safety is an important consideration index for car owners. Of course, compared with the impact of body color on driving safety, the driver’s own safety awareness, psychological quality and driving mentality are also very important.