What kind of person is Kan Yiwei, who is likely to be the next Japanese Prime Minister?

Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Kan Yiwei, who helped Shinzo Abe for eight years, officially announced his participation in the LDP presidential election on the 2nd local time. If he is elected successfully, he will become Japan’s next prime minister. What kind of role is Kan Yiwei, known as “Linghe uncle”? Over the past few days, many parties have been digging up all kinds of information about Kan Yiwei, including “finding out” his long-term habits: doing 200 sit ups every day and losing 14 kg in four months Japan’s Kyodo News Agency has just announced that Kan Yiwei officially announced his candidacy for president of the LDP. At present, five of the seven major LDP factions have chosen to support Kan Yiwei. Kyodo news agency said that the president of the LDP’s government affairs investigation, Wenxiong Kishida, and former secretary-general Shi Po Mao, have announced their candidacy, but Kan Yi Wei is expected to gain an overwhelming advantage in 394 parliamentary votes. < / P > < p > the chief cabinet secretary is actually the head of the Japanese government, and is known as “the prime minister and his wife” in Tokyo’s political circle. The 71 year old Kan has been Shinzo Abe’s “right arm” since the end of 2012. According to an exclusive interview with Kan Yiwei by Japan economic news last year, his 45 year political career has two characteristics: first, he has no political origins, and no one in his family or relatives has joined in politics. Second, for a long time, he did not belong to any faction in the factional politics of Japan. However, at the age of 63, he was “appointed” by Shinzo Abe and became the longest serving chief cabinet officer in Japanese history. < / P > < p > the personal characteristics of Kan Yiwei are more distinct. Since taking over as Japan’s chief cabinet secretary in December 2012, Kan Yiwei’s daily routine has been almost the same. He gets up early in the morning, reads all the major newspapers, does 100 sit ups, and then walks outside for 40 minutes, even in rainy days. < / P > < p > Kan Yiwei works a long time and often eats at meetings from breakfast, lunch to dinner. After a busy day, Kan will do another 100 sit ups in the evening when he returns to the members’ dormitory. < / P > < p > why can Kan Yiwei stick to such a self-discipline habit until now? It turns out that this has something to do with his weight, the report said. Kan Yiwei, who once weighed more than 77 kg, was warned by doctors that it was harmful to his health. “I’m good at setting goals and forming habits, so I set a goal to lose less than 70kg,” Kan said As a result, it took him four months to lose 14 kilograms. In a strawberry farm, Kan Yiwei said, “my parents work hard. When they get home from farming, I have to get up. People in the countryside are like this.” Kan Yiwei once said. Akita Prefecture is located in the northeast of Japan, facing the sea of Japan. It has one of the largest snowfall areas in Japan every winter. In case of heavy snow, Kan Yiwei can’t go home every day and lives in a boarding family near the middle school. < / P > < p > “only people who have lived in a place with heavy snow in the countryside can experience this feeling. I found that growing up in the country, unconsciously, fostered my patience. ” Mr. Kan said. Before Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his resignation on August 28 due to physical reasons, Kan Yiwei repeatedly claimed that he had no intention of running for the party president. On August 30, Kyodo news agency said that Kan told LDP Secretary General Junbo Erjie that he intended to run for the highest position in the party. Covid-19 quoted the source who said no name would be expected. Kan hoped that he should play a leading role and decided to run for election. < / P > < p > on the morning of September 2, local time, the LDP established the president election Management Committee, which will determine the schedule of the president election at the following provisional general meeting.