Wey tank 300 body parameters announced 700mm wading depth Beijing Auto Show opens pre-sale

Recently, e-Car learned from the official wey brand that the tank 300 announced the detailed parameters of its body and a number of cross-country related professional parameters. As a hardline off-road vehicle with non load bearing body, the trafficability parameter is the data that consumers are particularly concerned about. The tank 300 will be put on sale at the Beijing auto show next week. In terms of vehicle body, the length, width and height of tank 300 are 4720 mm / 1930 mm / 1927 mm, and the wheelbase is 2750 mm. On the basis of body data, tank 300 can bring enough space performance. < / P > < p > in terms of trafficability, tank 300 can provide 33 degree approach angle, 34 degree departure angle, minimum body ground clearance of 224mm, and has a maximum climbing slope of 70%, and can climb an elevation angle of 30 degrees in front. However, wading is a common problem when crossing the field for hardline off-road vehicles. Tank 300 also gives the wading depth data directly, and the maximum wading depth of tank 300 is 700mm. < / P > < p > as a rare new hardline SUV of independent brand in the market, it will be one of the most popular models of wey brand in Beijing auto show. At that time, the tank 300 will be officially put into pre-sale. If you are interested in tank 300, please pay attention to the first time report of Beijing auto show brought by Yiche.