Western media: Britain is very anxious about the result of the US election

According to a report by the western media on November 2, Britain, which has already left the EU, is anxiously waiting for the results of the US general election to see whether its “special relationship” with the United States can continue to prosper, or on the contrary, the change of the white house owner has cooled the tone and prospects of the bilateral trade agreement. In the face of brexit, transatlantic relations will become a matter of life and death for London, according to the report of London on October 30 by the EFI news agency. < / P > < p > and the first point on the agenda is a trade agreement that British companies badly need after brexit, and London needs it more than Washington. In the prime minister’s office, Boris Johnson should be nervous because he doesn’t seem able to engage with the Biden team, according to the report. < / P > < p > “Biden’s campaign has not yet met with Johnson’s team because Biden’s side has not had formal contact with any government. They do not want to repeat the mistake of “opening Russia to Russia” in 2016. But obviously, there are a lot of people in Biden’s team who are very dissatisfied with the close relationship between Johnson and trump Sam Lowe, an analyst at the center for European Reform, a London think tank, told EFI. In addition, he believes that Ireland is a “special country” for the United States, while the United Kingdom is not. “Irish Americans have played a role in the US election, and the Irish issue is very sensitive to the United States. The relationship between the US and the UK is more transactional. ” Mr Lowe said. Ireland will become one of the obstacles in the relationship between the two countries if Johnson continues to push forward the internal market bill currently in parliamentary process, according to the report. Mattias Matisse, an analyst at the American Institute of foreign affairs, believes that people “want to do business with Europe and see Germany as a more important partner.”. “Under the leadership of the Biden administration, I think the United States will put its relationship with the EU more important than its bilateral relationship with the UK,” stressed Matisse Experts believe that, in any case, Johnson would be wrong to expect the outcome of the US election to affect the negotiations between Brussels and London, according to the report. Many analysts stressed that Biden’s victory would help the UK promote many of its initiatives, starting with the climate summit in Glasgow next year.