Wen attack: use cannons to attack the prestige of the volunteer army

“I’ve had an indissoluble bond with artillery all my life. On the Korean battlefield, we used cannons to show the prestige of the volunteers. ” Wen Jian, a 102 year old general, said that he had been an artillery soldier since the establishment of an independent artillery battalion in the Shanxi Chahar Hebei military region. < p > < p > in the early morning of November 1, 1950, taking advantage of the thick fog, the Wen attack command troops quietly approached the enemy. He raised his telescope to observe the enemy’s position. “The enemy was not aware of the encirclement.” Wen said. At about 15:30, the artillery observation post found that the enemy tanks, cars and infantry began to move backward. Text attack instruction: report to the superior immediately! The superior decided to attack ahead of time. < / P > < p > “this is the first time in the Korean battlefield that the artillery of the volunteer army group shot rapidly.” “The Gunners cooperated closely and fought bravely,” Wen said < / P > < p > at first, the US Army did not know the position of our artillery, and fired in all directions. Later, the U.S. Army found out the position of our artillery position, and quickly rushed to the front of our position with the cooperation of infantry and Tanzania. < / P > < p > “if we can’t end the battle quickly, we are bound to be retaliated by the enemy. We must lure the enemy to go deep and concentrate our superior forces to encircle and annihilate.” Wen said that our artillery position suddenly quieted down, and the US tanks rushed harder. When the distance between the two sides was only three or four hundred meters, our artillery position suddenly “revived”, and the shells flew to the enemy tanks like eyes. In the early morning of the 2nd, our army captured Yunshan city. < / P > < p > this is a brilliant battle: killing and injuring more than 2000 enemies, seizing 4 airplanes, shooting down 3 airplanes, destroying and seizing 28 tanks, more than 170 cars and 119 guns. It dealt a heavy blow to the arrogance of the enemy. < p > < p > since then, the 1st artillery division has been more ambitious, not afraid of the strong enemy, daring to attack, and then participated in the second to fifth campaigns, successfully completing various tasks. After returning to China, Wenji has been working in the army. After retiring from the leadership post, he still cared about the construction of the country and the army, studied high-tech knowledge, and understood the digital construction of the army. He also actively participated in public welfare activities and donated hundreds of thousands of yuan.