Weilai’s life-long free electricity exchange enters the countdown until 24:00 on October 11

On October 10, we learned from official channels that Weilai’s life-long free electricity exchange entered the countdown, but the rights and interests of free electricity exchange will remain unchanged for users who pay Dading before October 11, 2020 (inclusive) and normally arrange production and pick up their cars. < / P > < p > the policy change is that the free power exchange rights and interests of the users who have collected the car and those who have paid Dading before October 11, 2020 (inclusive) and normally scheduled to pick up the car will remain unchanged: < / P > < p > in the Weilai power exchange system, the first owner who drives to the power exchange station can enjoy the lifelong free national power exchange service. All over the country, there is no limit to distance, no limit to frequency, no limit to power stations. < / P > < p > among them, the power change degree is the difference between the two batteries before and after the power change; the electricity charge is the electricity price cost of the location of the power change station; the service charge pricing will be slightly higher than the operational fast charging pile charging level around the power change station. There are great differences in electricity prices and operating costs among different regions. The specific costs can be viewed on the NiO app charging map swapping station details page. < / P > < p > since the first power station was put into operation on May 20, 2018, as of today, Weilai has built 143 power stations, providing more than 800000 times of power exchange services for users. According to the operation and actual use of the power station, we will update the rights and interests of the first owner of the power station for free from time to time. Users who have already collected their cars before the implementation of the new policy will not be affected by the adjustment of their rights and interests.