Watching trump and Biden’s tussle, America’s allies have mixed feelings

To this day, the results of the U.S. election are still in the air. As of November 7, Beijing time, six states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada, have not yet released the final results. < / P > < p > the US media, who are used to pointing fingers at other countries, have found that their “American drama” has been warmly watched by the whole world: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei mocked “this is a spectacle”; Indonesian international relations Professor Karim said, “this imitation of Buddha is the World Cup final”; Nigerian writer Fay commented that “no other country can write it.” Such a play ” < / P > < p > Europeans are paying close attention to the election, eager to know the outcome but cautious. The cover of the latest issue of “new Europe” magazine is a goddess of liberty with her hands covering her face. She stealthily reveals an eye and asks: is it over? The British are probably the most nervous. British media generally believe that for British Prime Minister Johnson, the outcome of the US election “will be the biggest test facing Britain after brexit”. Because after brexit, Britain must make its own trade agreements with other countries, and the trade agreements with the United States are very important in this regard. Johnson recently refused to state his position on the US election in Congress, especially refused to criticize Trump’s premature announcement of his victory. He said that this is not conducive to the US UK alliance. On the whole, the British seem to have withdrawn their sarcastic tone this time: The Times reported on the election with “the United States holding its breath” as the headline; the financial times placed pictures of trump and Biden holding fists under the heading of “the US general election is in final confrontation”; and the independent pointed out that “the United States is still in the dark” The uncertainty ahead of the election results. The guardian columnist Marina Hyde’s question represents the real mood of the British people at the moment: “well, what’s going on in the United States?” German Foreign Minister heikko Maas on Friday called on both sides of the US election to exercise restraint before the results come out, adding that it was irresponsible to increase tensions, Reuters reported. The headline “God bless America” on the front page of German Bild, the most widely circulated photo newspaper in Europe, is very eye-catching, adding that “this is the most thrilling election in the world, and both candidates claim to be winners; while” Taiz news “is” right “, saying that” the US election is too close “, on the one hand, it contains two candidates On the other hand, it seems to imply that “it’s difficult to keep social distance in the event of a mass vote.” Germany’s former foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, believes that it is impossible for the relationship between Germany and Germany to return to its original state, according to the German news agency. He believes that the outcome of the US general election should not be overemphasized. In fact, many people in EU countries are disappointed and deeply doubt the future of their transatlantic partners, “this election shows that there is no point in idealizing the United States,” the voice of Germany reported < p > < p > the French newspaper Figaro said that “the world is waiting for the end” and used the simple and striking “who?” As a front page headline, it raises a question mark for the world; the front page headline of Le Monde concludes: “trump Biden: the United States is splitting.” Japan’s TV stations focus on the U.S. election, but the painting style is quite strange. The appearance of the two players is very much like the “street overlord”, not only with the background music, but also with the mood changes. No one is more concerned about the US election than the Japanese government. After all, studying the U.S. election and responding quickly is the top priority of Japan’s diplomacy. Shortly after the results of the 2016 U.S. general election were announced, Shinzo Abe, then Prime Minister of Japan, paid an urgent visit to the United States and met with trump, who was not yet in office at that time. But at this time, Kan Yi Wei, who did not understand the situation, obviously gave up the idea of repeating his old skills. He did not dare to act rashly or even changed his plan secretly. “Due to the complexity of this year’s US general election, Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei decided to postpone his planned visit to the United States at the end of this year and return to the United States around January next year to hold talks with the winners and coordinate the next step of Japan US relations,” Japan’s daily News reported. “On the 5th, Kyodo news agency said that in view of the chaotic situation, senior officials of the Japanese government took a” don’t worry “calm response to Kan Yiwei’s congratulatory message and the coordination of his visit to the United States. Unlike Japan’s caution, South Korea’s foreign minister’s visit to the United States is still as planned. South Korea’s foreign ministry said on the 5th that foreign minister Kang Jing and U.S. Secretary of state pompeio will visit Washington from 8 to 11 and hold talks with South Korean and US foreign ministers on 9. What’s interesting is that the Korean media have a different perspective. South Korea’s “pongsan”, a bullet manufacturer in South Korea, is reaping benefits from the political turmoil in the United States and has become a winner in the US general election, the Chinese edition of South Korea’s “Central Daily” reported on the 5th. In the eyes of Iranians, whoever is elected president of the United States does not seem to matter. On the day of the U.S. general election, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced the latest domestic ballistic missile launching system. On the 5th, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei ridiculed the US election on Twitter: “this is a miracle! Some say this is the most fraudulent election in American history. Who said that? The current president. His opponents say trump wants to manipulate the election! This is American elections and American democracy. ” Brazilian president bosonaro is the trump platform. According to the Brazilian newspaper globe, bosonaro said publicly on the 4th, “my position is very clear, and I have a good relationship with trump.” He said other governments did not have a “good relationship” with the trump administration, and only he did. In the hometown of the first lady of the United States, the Slovenian prime minister, who opposed immigration, accused the media of denying the facts and congratulated the Republican Party in advance. < / P > < p > this is a general election that has attracted attention due to chaos. In the main battlefield, the two candidates opened fire, and the “fight” was constantly upgraded. But behind the true and false, the nature of the matter is becoming more and more blurred, “gourd eating masses” are naturally confused and confused. < p > < p > anxiety and uneasiness, fear and confusion. All the chaos shows that the persistent diseases and negative emotions that have existed for a long time in American society may not change because of the outcome to come What the United States has done in recent years is to bring chaos to the world stage. The United States is almost “committed” to destroying most of the existing international mechanisms. At the same time, it often turns its back on international affairs: if it is not satisfied, it will “retreat” and wave trade barriers around As the world’s largest economy and the largest developed country, the United States can not correctly face the rise of other countries, but also shows a kind of extreme and aggressive self-confidence. It pushes down the dominoes in the international system, causing a series of drastic changes and adjustments, which has become the biggest variable in international relations. The United States like < / P > < p > is obviously on the opposite side of the world. This is the real reason why those countries are concerned about the US Election: an America that is always making trouble for the world is unpopular. They want to know if the election will change all this. But no one knows the real answer.