Wang Xiaopin: strengthening the foundation and promoting the high quality development of TCM hospitals

Xinhua Beijing November 11 recently, the Chinese hospital branch held a new election, Wang Xiaofeng, Secretary of the Party committee of Guang’anmen Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Chinese medicine, was elected the chairman of the Second Committee.

facing China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia, the use of Chinese and Western medicines is the key and highlight of China’s epidemic prevention and control. It is also a vivid practice of the essence of TCM inheritance and innovation. What are the main ways to develop high quality of TCM hospitals, and how to further improve the core competitiveness of TCM? What new measures will the branch of TCM hospital have in the future? In view of the public concern, Wang Xiaofeng has carried on the detailed explanation. “The branch of traditional Chinese medicine hospital is the only professional organization of Chinese Hospital Association Based on the medical institutions of traditional Chinese medicine, representing the voice of the industry of traditional Chinese medicine and taking the function of improving hospital management as its function. It is the new force to implement the reform of medical and health system, and also promotes the implementation of the reform of medical and health system The main position for the improvement of the modern management level of TCM hospitals should make due contribution to the establishment of modern hospital management system with Chinese medicine characteristics. ” Wang said that the next step will promote the branch work from the following aspects: < p > 1. To condense a brand. The academic annual meeting of branch of TCM hospital and the forum of the president of TCM hospital are one of the most authoritative and influential annual events in the management industry of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine. It will further expand its influence through the combination of online and offline, and the chairman of the vice chairman of the forum in the vice chairman committee, etc. from the aspects of scale, connotation, ductility and radiation, etc., and make it the most influential in the field of traditional Chinese medicine Hospital management brand forum. The second is to grasp two projects steadily. “Root rooted project” aims at Counterpart Assistance and targeted poverty alleviation, and provides targeted assistance and targeted poverty alleviation to Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and other areas. The key point is to provide medical technology and industrial technical guidance of traditional Chinese medicine to promote the sinking of high-quality medical resources; the sail project aims at docking with well-known medical institutions at home and abroad, and drawing lessons from modern advanced medical institutions The management system, focusing on mutual visits and exchanges, platform construction and project cooperation, has formed a brand demonstration with equal importance between China and the West from a new starting point. The key to getting through is to get through. Taking the efficiency, benefit and efficiency promotion and amplification as the core key in the development of traditional Chinese medicine hospital, the long-term mechanism is established around the construction of modern hospital management system, reform of medical insurance payment mode, the exertion of advantages of TCM characteristics and the construction of Chinese medicine hospital culture, and a series of special research and policy research are carried out in depth, and the policy report is formed and submitted to the TCM management department as the reference for policy formulation, Serve the government decision-making needs. The fourth is to form four demonstration projects, focusing on the advantages, differences and high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, the dual core driving of Chinese and Western medicine, the promotion of clinical, scientific research, teaching and culture, and the construction of modern hospital management system with Chinese medicine characteristics. The project focuses on building demonstration hospital, demonstration management system, demonstration training base and demonstration reform project. Through the holding of the training of the president of the National Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine Training classes, training courses for young key management personnel, etc., have gradually improved the construction level of national traditional Chinese medicine hospitals. China with both a benevolent mind and heart, China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia is not a common disease.

Guanganmen Hospital of Chinese Academy of Chinese medicine is a “national team” of the Chinese medicine system. From the early days of the founding of new China, the epidemic of encephalitis B, SARS, a flow to the new crown pneumonia, the Guangyao people never missed. Next, Guang’anmen Hospital will continue to play a leading role. In combination with other vice chairmen and standing committee units of TCM Hospital Branch, it will lead all member units, strengthen party building guidance, plan and improve hospital development strategy, coordinate and layout the characteristics and advantages of regional hospitals, promote hospital internal construction and high-quality development, improve service capacity and level of traditional Chinese medicine, and enhance people’s access to medical treatment The sense of acquisition, in promoting the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, shows the responsibility and role of the main Committee units. First, it is to play the leading role of the Party committee and create a new pattern of Party building. We will comprehensively strengthen political construction, ideological construction, organization construction, style construction and discipline construction, give full play to the leading role of the Party committee in directing, managing the overall situation, making decisions, promoting reform and ensuring implementation, adhere to the public welfare nature and highlight the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine; innovate the Party building model, promote the deep integration and mutual promotion of the party building work and the development of the Association; strengthen the hospital culture construction and the construction of medical ethics and medical ethics Set up, improve the cohesion of the hospital. The second is to introduce modern management methods to help develop “acceleration”. On the basis of the equal emphasis between China and the west, the modern hospital management system with clear authority and responsibility, scientific management, perfect governance, high efficiency and strong supervision shall be established. The brand construction and mechanism innovation of all-round aspects, such as governance level, industry influence, service effect, development efficiency and social image, shall be emphasized, so that the medical institutions of traditional Chinese medicine become the main force for maintaining people’s health and promoting economic and social development The army, starting from a new historical starting point, transforms the fine blueprint of inheriting, innovating and developing the cause of traditional Chinese medicine into vivid practice. The third is to strengthen business characteristics, expand and strengthen the “foundation plate”. We should give full play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, improve the sense of people’s access to medical treatment, guarantee the quality of medical service by system construction, focus on the construction of key specialties, improve the service level of traditional Chinese medicine, and provide all-round medical services guided by meeting the needs of patients; based on traditional advantages, we will not stop releasing new energy of scientific research, and take the opportunity of building scientific research platform to improve the level of new drug research and development, so as to solve the problem The clinical problems are the guidance to carry out the research of TCM characteristics, and the academic thought of famous and old Chinese medicine is the goal to innovate the scientific research mode; broaden the training ideas, build multi-dimensional talent training system, and train multi-level and complex talents based on the demand; follow the development law of traditional Chinese medicine, train professional talents of traditional Chinese medicine; take the globalization of traditional Chinese medicine as the goal to cultivate international TCM talents Talent.