Volvo small SUV or XC20 based on Geely sea platform

The interview confirmed that Volvo will use sea vast architecture, and said that engineers have been studying new models based on the architecture. The new car will be a small SUV or crossover model, < / P > < p > the vast structure of sea is developed in China and largely depends on the Chinese supplier, Hakan Samuelsson confirmed that Volvo’s first model based on this architecture will be a crossover, but it may not be a crossover in the traditional sense, because “ground clearance and off-road capability may not be the most important elements now.”. < / P > < p > at present, there is no news about when to launch XC20, but Volvo said that it will launch a new pure electric vehicle every year in the next five years, and Volvo hopes that electric vehicles will account for 50% of its annual sales by 2025. Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo’s chief executive, said the next pure electric car would be unveiled in 2021.