Volkswagen id.3 starts to measure the total road length of 20000 km, passing 650 charging stations

The official website of Volkswagen announced that Rainer Zietlow and co driver Dominic br ü ner had driven Volkswagen id.3 and started a 20000 km road test. According to the plan, the test period is 2 months, during which 650 charging stations with charging power over 60kW will pass. < / P > < p > the test vehicle is the trial loading of Volkswagen id.3 Pro s, with a battery capacity of 77kwh and a wltp range of 549km. Through this test, Volkswagen will record the performance of long-distance driving and the status quo of German infrastructure, especially the status of German super charging station and VW we charge charging service. In the next two months, it will be updated at any time via / /. < / P > < p > driver Rainer Zietlow is an expert focusing on vehicle driving. He has set three world records and seven long-distance driving records for Volkswagen in the world. The test line is calculated by the University of Dortmund in Germany. Part of the advertising revenue during the test will also be donated to the local SOS Children’s village for its housing project. It is reported that Volkswagen id.3 will be officially launched in the spring of 2021.