Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR latest spy photo matching 7-speed dual clutch transmission released in the year

Recently, some overseas media have captured a group of spy photos of the test of TCR version of the eighth generation Golf GTI. The new car is based on the Golf GTI. Compared with GTI, the new car is more aggressive in styling, and its power is also increased to 296 HP. It is reported that the new car will be officially unveiled within the year. < / P > < p > there is no camouflage on the test vehicle in this exposure, but there is no TCR badge on the front grille and fender. The X-shaped fog light on the front bumper of the eighth generation Golf has been cancelled. It is likely that neither GTI TCR nor Golf R has this design. In addition, a large black honeycomb air inlet is set under the front bumper, which makes the appearance of the new car more aggressive than the ordinary GTI. < / P > < p > seen from the side, a thicker rear spoiler is installed at the rear of the vehicle, and the diffuser surrounded by the rear looks larger than that of the regular GTI. The aerodynamic package at the lower part of the side skirt is black. However, most of the body parts are not camouflaged. Therefore, it is only these aerodynamic packages that can be adjusted for the mass production model. It is also worth looking forward to what style the new car will come in. In terms of power, the TCR version will increase the power from 241 HP of the ordinary GTI to 296 HP, and the maximum torque is about 400nm. In terms of transmission, a 7-speed dual clutch transmission will be matched with the engine. It is a little pity that the new car may not launch the manual transmission version.