Volkswagen confirms that mass production ID.1 will replace e-up model and put into the market in 2025

Recently, Ralf brandstatter, VW’s new chief executive, said in an interview with overseas media that Volkswagen would launch the ID.1 model. Although there have been rumors that Volkswagen is considering introducing an electric car smaller than id.3, this is the first time that officials have confirmed this news. It is reported that Volkswagen may launch ID.1 in 2025, and its concept model may appear in 2023. It is understood that ID.1 will exist as an entry-level electric vehicle of Volkswagen to replace the current e-up. The car will also have many extensions, including ID.1 crozz and e-roomzz van, etc. In terms of battery pack, foreign media said that the vehicle may carry 24kwh and 36kwh batteries respectively, and the maximum range of the latter can reach 300km at a time. In terms of pricing, the price of ID.1 may be less than 20000 euro. Although the MEB platform is also adopted, the cost can be reduced through smaller size and lower configuration. In addition, the car may be produced in countries / regions with lower labor costs to further help reduce costs.