Video conference of the 11th China ASEAN defense ministers’ informal meeting held

Beijing, December 9 the 11th China ASEAN informal meeting of defense ministers was held on December 9. The meeting was co hosted by Wei Fenghe, Chinese State Councilor and Minister of defense, and Wu Chunli, Minister of defense of Vietnam, the rotating chairman of ASEAN. < p > < p > Wei Fenghe said that in the face of the impact of the epidemic, China and ASEAN countries support and help each other, reflecting the profound friendship between the two sides. China is willing to join hands with ASEAN countries to build a closer China ASEAN Community of common destiny. < p > < p > Wei Fenghe said that China ASEAN defense and security cooperation has been deepening and becoming a model of regional security cooperation. Countries in the region have the wisdom and ability to properly handle the South China Sea issue and jointly maintain peace and tranquility in the South China Sea. The Chinese armed forces are willing to deepen practical cooperation with the armed forces of ASEAN countries to jointly deal with various security risks and challenges. < / P > < p > the leaders of ASEAN defense departments congratulated China on its successful control of the epidemic and restoration of economic growth, appreciated China’s active defense cooperation with ASEAN, and expressed their willingness to work with China to maintain the stability of the South China Sea and the peaceful development of the region.