Venezuelan President Maduro: trump ordered a sniper to assassinate me

“I am the victim of the most barbaric aggression,” Maduro said in a speech on social media twitter, Russia’s satellite news agency reported Tuesday. The U.S. government 15 million dollars for my head. I’m not exaggerating. Trump approved my murder. They’re trying to send a group of snipers or hire snipers in Venezuela to kill me. It was decided by Donald Trump. ” < / P > < p > in March this year, the US Department of Justice accused Maduro and 14 other leaders of the country of drug trafficking, and the US State Department offered a reward of US $15 million to arrest Maduro. < / P > < p > Venezuelan President Maduro has repeatedly accused the United States of trying to kill him. In 2019, Maduro said that many assassination plans had been thwarted. These plans were organized in Colombia and agreed by the United States. < p > < p > according to previous reports, Maduro said in May this year that the country had arrested a group of mercenaries who arrived by speedboat from Colombia for the purpose of assassinating themselves. Maduro revealed that there were two security officials of US President trump among the mercenaries, but trump denied that the matter was related to the US government. < / P > < p > in August 2018, the Venezuelan national guard held a celebration in the capital Caracas. Maduro’s rostrum was attacked by several drones carrying explosives, and seven members of the National Guard were injured. Maduro said the assassination was carried out in accordance with the instructions of Bolton, the national security adviser to the then US president, but Bolton also denied it.