Venezuela pardons 110 people including opposition figures

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro signed a decree on August 31, pardoning 110 people, including opposition figures, in order to promote reconciliation and allow more people to participate in the National Congress election scheduled for December. < / P > < p > Jorge Rodriguez, Minister of information and communication, read out the government statement at a live news conference. “To promote peaceful coexistence and resolve differences through elections and peaceful means,” he said, the government issued a presidential amnesty order to ensure greater participation in parliamentary elections. < / P > < p > the pardoned persons include Roberto marero, assistant to Juan Guido, an important opposition figure, and more than 20 opposition members. Marero was arrested in March last year on suspicion of being involved in the plot to subvert the Maduro government. < / P > < p > Jeff Ramsay, a researcher on Venezuela at the Latin American Institute in Washington, USA, infers that the amnesty is the result of the closed door dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition moderates, which shows that the moderates hope to “gradually reach an agreement” with the government. < / P > < p > the opposition coalition won a majority of seats in the Venezuelan Parliament at the end of 2015, and then continued to challenge Maduro’s government, refusing to recognize the result of Maduro’s re-election in the 2018 presidential election. In January last year, the then president of Parliament, Guido, called himself “interim president” and won the support of the United States. Guaido sought to overthrow the Maduro government, claiming that his camp did not participate in the parliamentary elections scheduled for December 6.