Uzbekistan has more than 28000 confirmed cases, and the president has ordered research vaccine orders

Novel coronavirus pneumonia Nur, Sultan, August 6, August, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of health in the country, 28069 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed by 6 days were cured, 18783 cases were cured and 173 cases died. According to Uzbek state news agency, Uzbek Deputy Prime Minister Aziz said that the epidemic situation was changing every hour, and some regions did not fully comply with the epidemic prevention requirements, or even did not take any preventive measures at all, which led to the outbreak of the epidemic. Aziz said on the 3rd that the peak incidence of the disease in Uzbekistan will appear in 10-15 days, and may reach the peak in 20 days. According to the general office of the president of Ukraine, Uzbek President mirziyoev instructed relevant responsible persons to complete the feasibility study on ordering new crown vaccine and vaccinating the public within the latest week.