US warships seized $720 million of drugs at sea after being “left behind” by the carrier of the outbreak

According to the U.S. military website on October 9, the U.S. Navy’s “pinkini” destroyer seized about $720 million worth of drugs during its nine month deployment. The ship returned to San Diego naval base this week. In January this year, the destroyer left San Diego with the “Roosevelt” aircraft carrier battle group. After the outbreak of an epidemic on the “Roosevelt” aircraft carrier in April, the destroyer broke away from the fleet and began to carry out the anti drug task. < p > < p > < p > < p > the pinkeny destroyer then joined the U.S. Southern Command and interagency joint task force in the Caribbean. U.S. Navy officials said this week that a law enforcement unit of the U.S. Coast Guard boarded the destroyer and counted about 9800 kilograms of cocaine and about 2800 pounds of seized cocaine, with an estimated value of $720 million. < / P > < p > “the crew of the Pinkney destroyer have made our country safer,” said Andrew Roy, its commander. “I am grateful to all the members of the pinkeny and the U.S. Coast Guard who have overcome many difficulties in ensuring that drugs do not flow into our families, schools and communities.” The report also said that in addition to its anti drug mission, the destroyer pinkini also supervised maritime navigation operations and conducted exercises with the Guatemalan Navy.